The Healthy Portion Plate Is Here!

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What Is The Healthy Portion Plate?

Are you aware that you might be eating too much at meal times but find it hard to get portions right?

Our Healthy Portion Plate is a great colourful way to remind yourself to cut down each mealtime and get portions right! With each part of your dinner plate mapped out for you, it's simple to eat a healthy, well-balanced, calorie controlled meal. Simply make a selection of foods from each segment and fill to no more than 2cm high within the marked area. Females should use the inner light green border and males can fill up to the dark green border. Too easy!

Our Healthy Portion Plates are Now Available

The Healthy Portion Plate is based on latest scientific recommendations on balanced eating. This could be the most affordable and yet simplest tool you could use to help get you on the path to healthy eating and weight management.

$15.95 inc.GST

**SPECIAL ** Purchase 4 or more at only $12.50 each and have one for each member of the family!

(Melamine, dishwasher safe)

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