Wildcat Newsletter

December 2014

Note from the Principal

Dear Parents,

You’ve probably seen our bright yellow happy face t-shirts by now. The t-shirts represent our C² club. C² stands for Culture of Caring. This initiative started at Leander High School in May 2010 in response to students’ desires to create a more positive culture at school. Below are bullets from LHS’s presentation on September 1, 2011:

• C² began as a club coalition at Leander High School in May of 2010. The purpose of the club is to promote a culture of kindness and bring awareness to the issue of bullying in schools today.

• C² activities are developed and implemented by students with assistance as needed from sponsors. All activities are intended to create a culture of kindness and acceptance within the school community.

Our C² members’ and sponsors’ goal is to establish a culture of kindness at Whitestone Elementary. They will do this through school wide assemblies, Kindness Week activities, mix it up lunches, and a wall of kindness recognizing random acts of kindness. Wearing the C² yellow happy face t-shirt is a visual reminder that we support a safe school where kindness is valued. Thank you to Mrs. Travis, Mr. Silvers, Mrs. Middleton and Mr. Romero for sponsoring this program!


Mrs. Webster

Student Ownership of Learning

Student ownership of learning continues to be a focus in LISD. We believe in the importance of students being active participants in the learning process by understanding what they are learning in each lesson and why it is important to learn it. Teachers and students are busy assessing where they are in mastering concepts, setting goals and tracking their progress. Furthermore, students are taught to advocate for themselves when struggling and to further their learning when needing challenge on a skill.

Their role as a learner is to be resilient, put in the effort and work hard to achieve their goals. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions, we are always looking for ways to improve. Happy Holidays!

Whitestone Elementary

At Whitestone Elementary we are inspiring the leaders and thinkers of the future.

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