Leeunwenhoek's New Invention

Lacie Thornley

Leeunwenhoek's Last Name isn't the only interesting thing about him...

In efforts to see his thread better, Anton Leeunwenhoek found that by putting the middle of a small rod of soda lime glass in a hot flame, he would be able to pull the hot section apart to create two long threads of glass. Then, by reinserting the end of one whisker into the flame, he could create a very small, high-quality glass sphere. The spheres he created became the lenses of his microscopes, the smallest spheres having the highest magnifications.

First time for everything!

Jean-Baptiste Lully presented his first opera in France. His first opera went by the name of Cadmus et Hermione.

French troops conquer Maastricht

French troops succeeded to conquer Maastricht as we are in the Franco-Dutch war. Louis XIV handed it over to the French because their battle supply lines were being threatened.

The Netherlands and Denmark sign a defense treaty

The Netherlands and Denmark joined the NATO defense treaty together in order to please the Royal Dutch Army.