Andrew Jackson-Good or Bad?

"President of the Common Man"

"Spoils System"

The Spoils System was a practice in which a political party, after winning an election, gives government jobs to its supporters, friends, and relatives as reward for working toward victory and as incentive to keep working for the party. Jackson was known as President of the common man. So when he was elected president, he had all of his close friends fill the open government jobs. But most were ordinary men, like Jackson, and they were unqualified for the job.

Worcester vs Georgia

The Supreme Court ruled that the Cherokee Nation was a "sovereign" nation and that Georgia should not interfere with the Cherokee, but Jackson continued with the plans for removal. Ignoring the courts ruling. Jackson thought of the Cherokee Indians as savages. That was a very big reason why he had them removed.

Indian Removal Act

Andrew Jackson thought of the Cherokee Indians as savages. And so, when congress stated that the Indians will not be moved from Georgia, he didn't listen and had the Indians walk the "Trail of Tears" in the harsh winter to undesirable land west of the Mississippi. There was gold where the Cherokee Indians were living. Jackson wanted the land they had.

Letter from a Cherokee Indian (Negative)

I wish Andrew Jackson was never elected President. He looks at my people as savages and not as an equal people. He made us walk the dreadful Trail Of Tears to the rip-off land he traded us for our home land. We are helpless and have lost many many lives due to the despicable Presidents horrid actions.

Letter from a Middle Class White Man (Positive)

Andrew Jackson is probably the best president this country has ever had. He connects so well with the common man. He gives us normal citizens opportunities that past presidents haven't. He makes us feel like we are all just normal people without having to live in the "lower class" below all the rich land owning men who have taken over the country until now.
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The Political Cartoon above represents Andrew Jackson pretty much destroying the Cherokee Nation. The Indian is tied down and I really like this one because it shoes that Jackson really didn't like the Cherokee Indians, he thought of them as savages and didn't have any respect for them.