Unsteady Patriotic Freddy

By Ryan and Rylan

How Newton's Laws are Applied

The first law is very obvious. You stay in place until the roller coaster shoots out of the front and propels you up a hill.

Newton's Second Law isn't as obvious. When the roller coaster shoots out, we had to add more speed because of how heavy the roller coaster is. Without the extra speed the coaster would barely move.

Newton's Third Law comes into play at the very end of the ride. The ride slows down at the end, so you don't go around a second time. When it does slow down, an equal reaction happens. Your body jerks forward, but you hit the bars. When you hit the bars, you fly back into your seat, which is an equal and opposite reaction.

Forces Used On the Roller Coaster

There are a few forces used on the roller coaster. The first one we're going to talk about is gravity. Obviously, when you're going down hills on the Unsteady Patriotic Freddy the gravity pulls you down and makes you go faster. When you're at the top of hills it makes you go slower. Another force acting upon you as you ride is wind resistance. While going at 60+ MPH, the wind will slow you down quite a bit, but you will still be going insanely fast.

Types of Motion Displayed

The motion displayed is Straight Line motion. You are always moving in a straight line throughout. You never spin on this ride nor are you launched in air.