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Twitter: Who to Follow

Some of us are possibly following @ukedchat already but every Thursday between 8-9pm fellow professionals vote on a particular topic which is discussed and people tweet thoughts and suggestions. Not always specific to PE but some ideas are useful.

Simply follow the #ukedchat to keep up to date during the hours CPD

Likewise on a Sunday night we have @SLTChat follow the #SLTchat and see what topics and concepts are being discussed between 8-9pm

PE App of the Week

Weekly Recommended iPad App

Phonto - simple little App that allows you to create posters using text, images and symbols. Lots of similar Apps out there which are paid apps like Phoster etc. but this works for me

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GCSE PE Revision: The Theory Exam is Coming!

The GCSE PE Exam is now one week away, when return back to school after the long bank holiday weekend. How can the iPad be used to help and assist with the GCSE PE revision? The blog below comes from @subjectsupport and mentions how the EDEXCEL Past Papers and Skitch App can be used effectively.

This could possibly help with the BTEC exam coming up using the Camera or Scanner to create questions to annotate

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PE tip of the week @PETotd

More Core PE tips from @PETotD for Tennis and High Jump. The latter may come with a Health and Safety warning but EDU will complete a Risk Assessment

“@PE_TotD: Tennis: set out service areas 1) Service box line 2) Mid-court 3) Baseline. Underarm serves only from 1 & 2, full tekkers from 3. The number acts as a multiplier for a point won. Eg. Serve from area 3, win the point, get 3 points - don't bother with full scoring rules for this”

“@bulrac: @PE_TotD when teaching high jump use a spring board to help students get height"

Rapid Progress

This link is to a blog post from @teachertoolkit regarding demonstrating Rapid Progress in lessons which relates closely to the new OFSTED criteria