Maker Mondays!

Oak Grove Makerspace

For students in grades 2-5

Makers will meet after school until 3:30pm.

  • Feb. 9
  • Feb. 16
  • Mar. 9
  • Mar. 16
  • Apr. 13
  • Apr. 20

Please make sure your child can attend all meetings before signing up.

What is Maker Monday?

A time to MAKE things! MakerMonday will be very open-ended and directed by the student Makers. We will have access to a variety of tools and materials, but what we MAKE will be up to them! Here are a few ways they might MAKE:

  • building
  • sewing
  • coding
  • felting
  • photography
  • movie making
  • robotics
  • tinkering
  • jewelry making
  • electronics
  • papercrafting
  • tapigami
  • woodworking
  • 3D printing
  • and more!

We can't wait to see what our group of makers will create!

How to Participate

Signups are online beginning at 12:00 PM on Feb. 2, 2015 (Parent/Teacher Conference Day). Sign up from anywhere with internet access.

  • We have limited spaces, so we will only accept the first 16 applications.
  • You MUST sign up online. If you have concerns about internet access for signing up, please contact Ms. Coffey BEFORE Feb. 2.
  • Parents must provide transportation home for their child after MakerMonday. A permission note must be sent for each meeting.
  • Come tour the Makerspace (Room 220) from 12PM-6:30PM on Feb. 2. We'll have computers set up for sign-ups there too!

We will contact all participants with more info by Feb. 6th.

Sign up here

Beginning Feb. 2 at 12:00PM.

Makerspace Mentors

Tina Coffey -- Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

Meg Swecker -- Coordinator for Technology Integration