4th Grade News

November 2013 • Clarksville Elementary

Upcoming Dates

November 1: No school for students (Professional Day)
November 4: Mrs. Kwak and Mrs. Suknova Quarter 1 Science Test
November 11: Fourth Grade Field Trip to Baltimore Aquarium
November 18-22: American Education Week
November 25 and 26: 1/2 Day for students and Parent/Teacher Conferences
November 27-December 1: Thanksgiving Break

Fourth Grade Writing

We have just finished revising memoirs and will be finished with our final draft this week. The students did a wonderful job finding characteristics of memoirs and will add sensory details to add interest! To assist your child in the writing process, model appropriate writing in front of them and have a discussion on the importance of editing. Next, the fourth grade students will begin a research report including factual information on one Baltimore Aquarium Animal.

Throughout the year, students will learn to identify and use text features. They will also be able to explain how text features help us understand the topic we are reading about. As you read nonfiction books with your child, ask them about the following text features:

-title: helps us know what the book is about

-table of contents: helps us find specific information about a topic

-heading: helps us to know that we are going to read about a different idea about the topic

-photographs: helps us know what the topic actually looks like

-caption: helps us understand the picture better and gives us more information about the topic

-labels: helps us understand more about the parts of a picture/illustration

-index: tells us what page or pages we will find information about the topic

Fourth Grade Content

Social Studies/Science Frenzy

Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Baldi’s homeroom classes are studying all about the Native Americans throughout the US and early exploration. Please visit Mrs. Johnson’s website for additional social studies information like the Parent Preview Sheets for each Unit and some quizzes online for students to test their vocabulary! Mrs. Kwak and Mrs. Suknova's homeroom classes are studying all about our solar system and properties/resources on Earth including rocks and minerals. There will be a final science test on Monday, November 4th. A study guide has gone home this week!

Words Their Way Online

If your child forgets to bring home their Words their Way Notebooks, don't worry! The lists for each group are now available online. Visit my website and click on the Words Their Way Tab. There are also other helpful documents that can remind students the correct way to complete various sorts!

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Fourth Grade Student Leaders!

We want to welcome and thank the student leaders selected to represent our fourth grade this year. Students in this team are responsible for organizing spirit days, helping run the Hot Cocoa Social, help raise awareness for Pennies for Patients, and much more. Congratulations to our student leaders!

The Fourth Grade Team

Lisa Johnson, Team Leader - lisa_johnson@hcpss.org
Jenna Baldi, Teacher - jenna_baldi@hcpss.org
Jennifer Kwak, Teacher - jennifer_lee@hcpss.org
Irina Suknova, Teacher - irina_suknova@hcpss.org