Roman Republic Podcast Project

Extra! Extra! Roman Republic responsible for influencing the United States government. Create a Podcast to spread the word.

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Use this podcast to highlight a Roman Republic and compare it to our government. Ready to air...

Monday, March 6th, 8am to Tuesday, March 7th, 10am

Mrs. Elliott's Classroom

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are similar to a radio show. They are audio recordings turned into an episode and usually broadcasted over the internet.

Project Description and Guidelines

  • Individual research turned in from each student

  • Individual project slide turned in by each student

  • Working in groups of 2-3 to create a recorded Podcast

  • Each student will select a portion of the research and create a script--at least 2-4 minutes long

  • Use Audacity, Sound Recorder, PowerPoint narration, or other sound recording application to record the podcast.

Scoring Guide

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Listen to the sample podcast below to get ideas for your podcast.

Brains On!

Going underground at Wind Cave National Park by Brains On!

Sample Podcast by Mrs. Elliott

Amy Elliott

Sample Greek Government Structure Podcast by Amy Elliott

The following two sites provide free sounds you can download and incorporate into your podcasts.

Collaborate, Create, Communicate, and Have Fun with this Project!