An Adventuress Adventure for the Pilgrims

By, Glory Linebach


What we now call pilgrims, these separatists made a a colony that survived called Plymouth. Coming over wasn't easy for these separatists because they sailed on a ship that wasn't meant to carry people. Once the pilgrims got to Plymouth, they built 1 big house which they used as a hospital during the winter. When the winter ended for the pilgrims, half of them died and the other half made friends with the Indians who taught them how to plant corn and other types of food. The pilgrims survived through a harsh winter but successfully made it to a colony.

Focusing on the Pilgrims, weather, and friendly Indians

Coming Over

The pilgrims came over on a ship called the Mayflower and landed at Plymouth Massachusetts in 1620. Instead of landing there, they wanted to go to Virginia so they would be a part of the Virginia Compact. But since they landed in Plymouth, they built the Mayflower Compact. They got to Plymouth because storms and harsh weather blew them off course. The Pilgrims did not have a good time coming over, but they didn't know what lay a head of them in the winter.

Surviving the Winter

The winter for the pilgrims was a terrible place to be back then. They built one main house which was meant for storage keeping, but during the winter it was used as a hospital. 46 out of the 102 passengers died of a disease for the lack of vitamin C. Also they built houses around the the "hospital" where a couple families lived, but others stayed on the ship.

Meeting Squanto

After the winter ended, an Indian named Samoset met the pilgrims. A couple days later, Squanto came to meet the pilgrims. He taught them how to grow corn and other food that comes out of the ground. Since their spring was so successful, in November they had a big feast with the Indians. Thanks to the Indians, the pilgrims survived their first year.


Selling their homes back in England to get free from the king is a brave thing to do. They sailed on a ship called the Mayflower over on the Atlantic ocean and one of their people died coming over. The winter was a terrible place for the pilgrims because it was cold and they had very little food. Sadly, half of the people died but they met the Indians who taught them how to grow corn and other vegetables. The pilgrims did not have a good beginning or middle, but they had a great ending.