What's New in Mrs. Allen's Room?

April 11-15, 2016

Dear Parents,

We survived the first week back from break!! I would prefer the lovely weather from Spring Break, but as I tell the kids...we get what we get, and we don't throw a fit! At least we got to go outside for recess all week! Fortunately, the coming week promises to have better, more Spring-like weather!

Believe it or not, we have only 32 more school days left this year!! It may seem like a lot, but I promise you those days will zip past in the blink of an eye. And they will be jam-packed with activities--the final round of I-STEP testing, spring book fair, Grandparent's Night, our final field trip (details coming soon!), Living Wax Museum, and our Math Fact Challenge Celebration, just to name a few!

We will be doing some more I-STEP review this week instead of science, but other than that, we'll have a normal school week.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

Mrs. Allen

This Week in 3rd Grade:

READING: Our story this week will be Me & Uncle Romie. We will work on author's purpose and background knowledge

GRAMMAR: Conjunctions (and, or, but...)

SPELLING: Suffixes: -y, -ish, -ment, -hood

  1. rocky
  2. foolish
  3. rainy
  4. childhood
  5. selfish
  6. treatment
  7. movement
  8. neighborhood
  9. childish
  10. parenthood
  11. crunchy
  12. bumpy
  13. payment
  14. sleepy
  15. shipment
  16. learn
  17. point
  18. city
  19. play
  20. toward
  21. assignment
  22. livelihood
  23. stylish
  24. environment
  25. guilty

WRITING: We will continue our poetry project.

MATH: We will conclude Topic 15: Liquid Volume and Mass. (It's a short topic.) We will have the test on Friday, April 15th.

SCIENCE: We will take a week off science to do some last minute reviewing for the second part of I-STEP.

Noteworthy News...

  • For those who registered for the Good News Club, that will begin on Monday after school and will continue through Monday, May 16.
  • Spring Book Fair will be April 11-15. Our class will visit the Book Fair on Tuesday @ 10:00 and again on Friday @ 9:00.
  • Grandparents' Night is Thursday, April 14th, 4:30-6:00p.m.
  • 4th Quarter Book Report info came home last week. Many students have already chosen their books and gotten started! The project that goes with this report is a puppet (not a doll on strings!). Students will also have the opportunity to participate in the Living Wax Museum to be scheduled in May. Students will dress up as the historical person about whom they learned and share what they learned. The wax museum is optional, and those who participate will earn extra credit to be applied to either their reading or science grade. It is not an option if any part of the book report assignment is not done or is late.
  • Walk-a-Thon will be April 22, 9:00-noon. There is NO rain date. Third grade is scheduled to walk 10:20-10:50 a.m.
  • I-STEP part 2 is scheduled to begin the week of April 18. As soon as I know exactly which days and times we will be testing, I will forward that information to you.

4th Quarter AR Stars

  1. Cade Diallo (Way to go this week!!)
  2. Aubree Gibbs
  3. Gabbey Ridge
  4. Katherine DeGroote
  5. Sophia Thephasdin

Special Class Schedule for Apr. 11-15

Mon. - Computer Lab

Tues. - Library

Wed. - Music

Thur. - Art

Fri. - Gym

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the following students with April birthdays!

There are none!!

Star Student

Our star student this week is CADE DIALLO!

These are some of Cade's favorite things:

FOOD: Chicken wings with hot sauce


TV SHOW: Teen Titans Go!

SONG: Shot Through the Heart

RESTAURANT: Buffalo Wild Wings

BOOK: Andrew Lost