Oct. 14-17


Lunch menus are now on line. Please print it out from this link to my website in the links section, it is called Nov. elem.

It is also attached to the email in addition to the new class roster. A huge thank you to our room parents for putting this together.

Monday at 8:15 we have a fire safety show by our local firemen.

Monday at 10:15 Mrs. Gibson comes for map talk

Thursday at 8:15 PTA has a great show for us too!

Friday is early release, 12:30

Our field trip is coming up! Get your cameras ready because there are some amazing picture opportunities at the Arboretum. We will also have a lesson with some of the staff there about habitats. Look for reminders and other information coming home soon.

I am looking forward to meeting with all of you this week at conferences. Please do not bring your children if possibe. They can sit in the hallway and wait if necessary. I will try to stick to the times allotted as closely as possible. If the front doors are locked please wait on the bench out front and I will walk down and let you in. You can email me from your phone if you are locked out and no one seems to come down. i will hear the alert and check it right away. If you have not signed up yet, please do so. Here is the link to sign up genius:

Here is a note from our AMAZING librarian:

From the OSE Library:

Students are stretching their minds and getting creative in the library

through makerspace. This month¹s creation will be Frankentoys, toys that

are made from different parts of other toys and supplies. We need your

help to make this possible. Please donate small, cheap toys that you do

not mind being repurposed and reimagined. Broken toys would be great as

well as long as they are not dangerous. Donations may be dropped off in

the library any time during the week of October 20th through October 24th.

Thank you for supporting the library and the amazing students of Old

Settlers Elementary.

Here to serve,

Mrs. Jones and Miss Mary Ann

She is so innovative, knowledgable and exciting! We are very, very lucky to have her. She even moved from near White Rock Lake to Highland Village so she would be closer to us. Let's show her Room 220 is going to support her and help make the library the coolest place at OSE.

We will be having genius hour each Wednesday. We will do it following fine arts at 10:15. The kids were so excited to start their research and projects. I have since found some wonderful resources for them. On the LISD web site: under STUDENTS there is a link to ' bookmarks for research", you will have to use your students regular log in to access it. Once they are on it, there are TONS of excellent, kid-friendly search sites. I also had them going to KIDREX which is a very appropriate kid search engine. If your child wants to look things up at home, print things out for their projects please check into these resources with them. These research sites are perfect for all of your students at home and even "big kids" too!

I have found some really great aps for math you might check into. They are not free, but the mathematical thinking is so good, I was willing to pay for them. One is Dragon Box and the other is Set Pro. Lots of good logic and algebraic reasoning. Brain Pop also has an ap and you can use our OSE log in and password: log in is oldsettlers and the password is brain pop. The last one I love is Wonderopolis. I have mentioned it before, the ap is fun and lets curious minds explore ideas in a kid friendly way. Remember to monitor your kids technology. They are welcome to bring devices in to read on, play appropriate learning games at designated times and even use as part of interactive lessons. If you are comfortable with it, it truly does help me out. We only have 2 ipads in the room and 6 Chrome books, thats it!

As the weather gets cooler the kids will want to bring jackets. Please be sure to label them with their full name. Our lost and found really starts piling up on these 45' in the morning/90' in the afternoon type of days. Layers are best.

A huge thank you to our mystery reader Mrs. Stewart. I am sure none of us will want to eat at a Zombie Cafe! My personal favorite was Porkenstein! Such fun. Thank you for giving us your time!

See you all this week at conferences!

What We Are Learning

Math: We have finished the topics required for this 9 weeks. We have worked on place value to 100, multiple strategies in addition and subtraction, even touched on regrouping, clocks, money and problem solving. This week we will be reviewing and doing some logic type enrichment activities. I purchased a balance that has little hooks for numbers 0-9 on both sides. I have begun teaching the kids to solve for X and even Y in simple algrebraic equations. They use the cards I made and hang weights on the balance to balance the equation and solve. It is now the most popular math station. Please remember to dump you pockets of change out for them and regularly practice counting mixed coins. Also, reading a regular clock! Life skills that are challenging.

Social Studies: We have been diving into maps! The kids think it is really fun! We have learned important vocabulary such as: map keys, symbol, compass rose, intermediate directions, grid maps, latitude and longitude. The kids even made their own grid maps. Mrs. Jones (our "special" aid) really liked Aggieland, while Candyland appealed to me. We are in for a real treat this Monday as Paisley's mom is coming to visit us. She is a real map maker!

Language Arts: Spelling will resume this week, so please look in their planners for their lists. We read a great story titled Officer Buckle and Gloria. We were able to look at how characters change, identifying plot, problems and solutions and sequencing a story. We worked on idioms again by reading a funny book titled In a Pickle. The kids now look forward to our Idiom of the Week! I have also added a vocabulary word of the week too. These are posted in the room all week and change out. We wrote a story using homophones that go with a fun art project of witch legs. Check them out in the hallway when you come for conferences.

Science: We are still looking at chemical and physical changes in matter. This week they investigated what materials can be used to keep an ice cube from melting. We also made chemical changes by turning liquids into gases. We blew up rubber gloves by adding vinegar and baking soda to a water bottle and pop rocks to a bottle of coke. It was so FUN!