By: McKayla

What is mangnetism

The force applied a magnet the opposite of two poles attract together, the same set of poles push apart.

How do magnets attract other magnets?

The magnetic field around the magnet puts a force on it.

Why is there negative and positive sides of a magnet?

There isn’t a negative and positive side of the magnet it is a North and South. It always has one of each no matter if you keep cutting the magnets.

Why will magnets repel each other?

Magnetic repulsion pushes them apart. You can not put two like poles together

How do electronic magnets work?

It uses electric current and magnetic field.

Will magnets work underwater?

Magnets can work underwater.

What’s the strongest magnet?

the neodymium magnet

How can a train operate without touching a track?

It’s pushed up and pulled forward by magnets

What metals will magnets not stick to?

If it doesn’t stick than its a non ferrous metal.

Will magnets work through glass?

Yes the magnet will work but it depends on how thick the glass is.