Gray Wolf Gazette

February 22 - February 26, 2016

Pioneer Trail Mission

Creating a community of learners where students' are actively engaged to reach their full potential and display positive character.

Character Trait: Honesty

These Four Questions Should Be On Your Mind Daily.....

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Nuts and Bolts

We are looking for parents to nominate for PTO board and committee positions for next year. If you have a great parent in your class, please ask if they might be interested and send Suzy their name! We need nominations by the end of the month. Thank you!

Infinite Campus grade books must be updated by the end of each Tuesday with the previous weeks grades.

Make sure your grade level team share files with math data are up to date by the end of each month.

Scott and I will be completing walk-thru's and scheduling summative evaluation meetings over the next few weeks. Probationary teachers will need Growth Plans completed in the shared summative form by the time we return next week. All other teachers need growth plans completed by Monday, Feb. 29th.

If your grade level plans to take a field trip this year you will need to start planning it now. Use the Field Trip Checklist ( in the faculty binder) to follow the procedures for approval and payments. Field trips need to be scheduled to take place by the end of April. All grade levels are expected to take a field trip that is connected with an aspect of the curriculum. PTO pays for the bus for a field trip in each grade level.

JCPS Health Screenings

It is that time of year again! We are excited to offer Health Screens to everyone that partakes in the JCPS Health Insurance. We offer the Health Screens as an added benefit to each of you. It is a great way to monitor your results from year to year, plus it puts money back in your pocketbook! By participating in the health screens you receive a $30 premium reduction each month! That totals $360 in savings a year!

The Health Screens will be held each day at the Dix Road Education Center on the following days:

March 22

March 23

March 24

March 30

To register please use the following link from CRMC

A couple of notes about the screens:

1. If you choose to go to your private physician, please use the attached form and have it faxed to UMR at the number given.

2. Cotenine test- This test will be offered again if you wish to earn 100 points for being Tobacco-free. If you go to your private physician, this test will need to be done at the screens. Everyone will be asked if they wish to have this test and everyone will have to respond yes or no. It is 100% optional.

3. InBody and Waist-to-Hip ratio i will also be taken again. Please know that you will have to take shoes and socks off for the InBody assessment.

4. Please print the waivers that are to be completed and bring them with you. This will help to speed up the process.

If you have any questions please contact Becky Pfenenger.

Get Your Quad D On.....

Send us examples of deep thinking and real world learning that is taking place in your classroom and we will highlight it! Here is an example from North Elementary....
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Rules for Engaging Students in Learning

Good article highlighting a few things to think about in planning for student engagement in a lesson.

Summer School Information

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Additional Summer School Notes: There will be a lead teacher for each building, and a person to lead a developed recess activity, leading students in an activity and giving teachers a break each day.

Remember 4:1 - Positive office referrals are one great way to recognize your students (or coworkers)! Link it back to the matrix if at all possible.

Calendar of Events

Monday, February 22

8:00 McCullum Summative

8:50 Ludy Summative

9:40 B. Bax Summative

12:30 Jolly Summative

1:20 Culp Summative

2:10 Ferguson Summative

Tuesday, February 23

Teamwork Tuesday

8:00 Morris Summative

1:20 Angle Summative

3:30 MAP Committee meeting

Wednesday, February 24

Case Out All Day

8:15 CARE Team meeting

10:30 TST (B. Bax)

3:30 Faculty Meeting

Thursday, February 25

Churchill Out All Day

7:30 IEP (McCutchen)

8:50 RED (Wilson)

9:15 RED (Hendrickson)

9:40 RED (Verslues)

10:30 Staffing (Sprenger)

10:50 RED (Dampf)

1:20 RED (Merk)

2:10 Red (Case)

2:10 IEP (Juneau)

3:30 Service Plan

6:00 PTO Movie Night

Friday, February 26

7:30 TST (Merk)

8:30 Awards Assembly (Assembly Schedule)

12:30 Transition Room mtg (Carr)