John Mitchell

and about his expeditions

John Mitchell's Profile

John Mitchell was born on the 15th of June 1792 and pass away on the 5th of October 1855 in Sydney, Australia. His real name is Thomas Livingstone Mitchell and he had named mountains, highways, parks and lots more series. He lived at Grange-mouth, Stirling-shire, Scotland. He had 2 parents, his father was named John Mitchell and his mother was named Janet Wilson. John Mitchell had no siblings to help him grow in his childhood and dreamed to have at least a sister or brother . On the 10th of June 1818 he married Mary Thomas Blunt and had 11 children, his sons are Livingstone, Roderick, Murray, Campbell-Thomas and Richard. His daughters are Georgia, Maria, Emily, Camilla, Alicia, Blanche and he and his wife adopted an aboriginal girl name Ballendella.

Landscapes and sculpture named after Mitchell

There are many landscapes and sculpture that was named after John Mitchell :

  • Mitchell (Queensland)
  • Mitchell falls (located in New South Wales)
  • Mitchell Highway(located at south central Queensland and northern N.S.W.)
  • Mitchell Park (located in Victoria)
  • Mitchell Plateau (located in New South Wales)
  • Mitchell road (located in New South Wales)
  • Mitchell lookout (located in Northern Territory)

John Mitchell's famous expedition

As young Thomas Mitchell grew up in his childhood in Scotland and experience the life with out no sibling surrounding him making it much harder to go through life. As he grew up he served in the British Army under the rules of Wellingtons command. He studied at Britain's Sandhust Military College before sailing into Sydney