Value in a Global Society

Creativity is a Critical Skill Needed Today!

Creativity is recognized as one of the most critical skills for the next generation. Its value reaches well beyond the arts to affect every discipline and numerous industries.

No Creativity and for the right reasons = bad people using creativity for the wrong reasons

No Creativity has many negative effects including the US and World Economy. Take a look at how creativity affects our economy and costs businesses and government millions of dollars due to cyber criminals. Click on the video below:
The Value of Creativity - CreativeFuture (January 2015)

Why Creativity?

Why creativity? The world is changing at a fantastic speed. The future requires people who can problem-solve, adapt and communicate in workplaces and environments that are increasingly complex. Creativity creates jobs, drives economic growth and provides answers to societal needs. And it also maximizes human potential. Research quoted in Newsweek says that children with high “creative self-efficacy” are better able to handle stress and are more “confident about their futures.”

Technology Will Rely on More Creativity

As technology develops, our society is attracted more and more to its right brain, creative, analytical thinkers. While these students may be seen as not wanting to follow the traditional rules while in school; their creativity is what drives this nation into a global social economy. The video below is from John Maeda at the TedGlobal 2012 conference.

Creativity in the Classroom

When children develop their natural creative talents, they develop a variety of skills and attitudes that will drive success in school, life and future work. This will take place through changes in our educational system in which curriculum is driven by creativity and critical thinking. As teachers, we need to work to develop our student's creativity and critical thinking skills both in the classroom and in life. The ability to analyze, consider, and empathize in any situation while still thinking on your feet seems to be the new way of life.


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