Marek Library Information

January, 2018

Welcome Back!

I LOVE this time of year! The kids are primed and ready to embark on great adventures in learning! We have wonderful things planned with teachers and you'll see terrific products created by students in the coming weeks.

We received many new books right before break, We have all the Bluebonnets and 2x2's! As kids push to finish their goal of five books by the end of January to vote or 20 by the end of the year, download the books on Overdrive (found on my website) on your device and read them online! More directions about ebooks on my website! The numbers of Kinder to 2nd graders that are reading Book Adventure books is astounding! I'm so proud of them!

Link to James Riley's Book Order Form - Due JANUARY 10

Classroom Happenings

Students have been very active and engaged in learning in the library!

Kindergarten has accomplished amazing things to date. We've done research on winter holidays and heard literature about different holidays. They learned about stories that were told and retold and learned about series books within that. They will embark on studies of winter and winter animals in the coming weeks.

First Grade learned about culture and winter holidays around the world. We researched holidays and learned about customs and activities of different winter holidays. There are so many aspects to studying a culture and we talked about many of them!

Second Grade has worked on learning about traditional literature and author studies. They read Jan Brett books before the holidays. They are becoming experts on the catalog and discovering information about authors in this way and I hope the students were able to spend time over the holidays exploring! Students also conducted research about the moon and its phases in science classes.

Third Grade are finishing their science landforms and earth changes. They are really learning to cite where they get information and pull information from a variety of sources! They are beginning their study of traditional literature in the new year and they will be experts at the six types very soon! We were able to Skype with Acadia National Park with Mrs. Haehnel's and Mrs. Byrd's classes. These classes are continuing their National Parks study in language arts.

Fourth Grade learned about Texas explorers and connected nonfiction text features in that research. They developed questions about the explorers that were in Texas and answered those questions, including the nonfiction text features that assisted them in finding that information.

Fifth Graders are amazing readers. It's delightful to watch them choose and enjoy reading! The 40 book project is going well! The students are really becoming avid readers who know what they like! Impressive! They are focusing on nonfiction text features, as well. I was able to talk about culture and read Hershel and The Hanukkah Goblins to these students before break. It was a real treat for me!