Student Support Services Department

Roadmap - Week of 10/1/18-10/5/18

IDVA Mission - Building a community of engaged learners.

IDVA Vision - Empowering every student to learn at high level.

SSS Department Group Agreements

  • We will be intentional in our collaborative work with school community members to address students' academic needs.
  • We will proactively identify and support students' individual needs and accomplishments.

SSS Department Kudos!

Lots of kudos this week!

If you have kudos to share about you or a colleague, send them to Alex.


In an email sent to Jenny Whelan from a parent describing their onboarding experience, they noted that "Debbie has been very nice to work with and helpful."

Super job, Debbie!


A student sent the following email to Jessica regarding their schooling: Ms. Lecertua, I would like to stick with it. . . You have really made a huge impact on my life and I'm grateful you're my counselor. Thanks for everything you've done for me these past couple years."

Jessica, you're awesome!


FromTree about her PLC group: " I just had to take a quick moment and send you a kudos for my PLC team members, Debbie, Lisa, and Jenn E. We just had our 2nd PLC meeting for the year and I am absolutely blown away by the wonderful talent and ideas that each member brings to the table. Each of them shares and contribute in such a way that elevates that whole team. The projects that they are working on are amazing as they have a clear focus to help our students. Thank you for creating this opportunity for this kind of collaboration. In my opinion, it will go a long way in helping the families and students at this school."

Nice job Debbie, Lisa, Jennifer, and Tree!


From Lisa to the new student orientation team! "The onboarding/orientation team (Kelly, Colleen, Bev, Jennifer B., Jennifer E., Pam, Deslynn, Corrie, Tree, Debbie, Loretta) worked tirelessly to support our new families through the orientation process. It was an extremely busy week with an abundance of phone calls, emails flying, problems to solve and needs to meet. The team did everything possible to guide families through the process and help them to be ready to start school. On behalf of all the families that benefitted from your support, thank you! And, thank you for making my job easier. I appreciate your patience, your positive attitudes, and your encouragement. I am grateful for such a wonderful team!”

What a magical team!


Jenny sent a message to Tree and Debbie on their great job in the new student orientation session: "Tree, I appreciate you making connections to the importance of reading feedback and sharing what you learned when you were your daughter’s LC. Debbie, you did a very nice job of greeting students and answering questions throughout the session."

You rock, Tree and Debbie!

SSS Department Trivia

Week 4 Trivia Results!


"I have broken several ribs while attempting to surf."

It is Mark Rodel!

EVERYONE who answered guessed correctly! Mark, you are quite the surfer dude!

Score Board:

Debbie = 2

Tree = 2

Corrie = 2

Bev = 1

Pam = 1

Deslynn = 1

Colleen = 1

Jennifer E = 1

Jessica = 1

Lisa = 1

Kelly = 1

SSS Dept. Trivia Week 5 - Click Here to Answer

WHO AM I? "I've hiked to the top of Huayna Picchu, the tall mountain behind Machu Picchu."

SSS Dept Trivia facts

If you have other ideas, feel free to add them, too! Share something about you that your colleagues may not know and you would feel comfortable with them knowing. We will include this as a question in a future roadmap.

Weekly Calendar, 10/1-10/5

Monday 10/1:

  • Grad Plan Weekly Meeting Series session 11-12 pm MST - counselors and advisors, attend as you can
  • 6-12 assembly 3:00-3:30 pm MST - see OLS for link
  • International Coffee Day
  • October is National Bully Prevention Month (

Tuesday 10/2:

  • 275 day of the year - 90 days remaining until the end of the year

Wednesday 10/3:

Thursday 10/4:

    • Last day for onboarding for K5 cohort (10/8 first day)

    Friday 10/5:

    • Enrollment Approval deadline for cohort 4 (K5)
    • PLC meeting for Team Connections

    • PLC meeting for Group Cheetahs
    • Pulse Check Survey results for cohort 3 (K5 group starting 10/8)

    Departmental & School Updates

    Staff Photo ID Cards

    Inter-State Photography will be taking student school pictures during the month of October. They will also be offering photo ID cards to students and IDVA staff. If you would like to have a 2018-19 School ID card made, please visit the school picture location closest to you on the following dates and times.


    Magic Valley

    Magic Valley YMCA

    1751 Elizabeth Blvd.

    Twin Falls, ID 83301

    Photos: 1 pm - 3 pm


    Eastern Idaho

    Blackfoot Community Center

    1350 Parkway Dr. #31

    Blackfoot, ID 83221

    Photos: 10 am - 12 pm


    Treasure Valley

    Treasure Valley Learning Center

    1965 S. Eagle Rd. Suite 190

    Meridian, ID 83642

    Photos: 10 am - 2 pm


    North Idaho

    Silver Lake Mall

    200 W. Hanley Ave.

    Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815

    Photos: 10 am - 12 pm

    Feedback on Time Tracking from Tree

    In chatting with Tree, she shared how helpful the time tracking process was for her. To that end, she wrote a brief statement to share her experience. Thanks, Tree!

    "In one of my conversations with Alex, he shared an idea that he heard about. It was to avoid starting my day with checking emails/voicemail. So, because I wanted to try this idea to see if it would help, I created my calendar for the next week to reflect this change. Through my experiment, I discovered that on the days that I either started with prep time or a priority 2 project, I had more focus, felt more organized, and I didn’t go through my day in a state of panic. On those days, I just moved my email time to later in the morning and another time later in the afternoon. Just this small change made a big difference. I am actually surprised as I was not completely sold on the idea in the beginning but now I am. Thank you Alex!! Great idea!"

    Next step in developing time blocking...

    Due to the intensity of last week for me, I will sketch out the next and final step of our time blocking process in the forthcoming road map.

    K12 Updates


    Reoccuring/Reference Info

    This section will be used for reoccurring/repeated info from previous weeks that may be needed for later reference.
    BOOKMARK THIS LINK: Family Information Change Survey

    To update address, phone numbers, etc. for students, please use this link. **All LG/LC changes go directly to Andrea Hampton (

    Out of Office Reply Template

    If you are going to be gone longer than 5 consecutive school days, work with Alex to find a designee that can help triage your emails.


    I am out of the office [date(s)] [optional: add reason – e.g. school outing, holiday]. I will return emails when I return on [date].




    Check out our IDVA Exhaustive Communication Goal Smore

    Remember, our goal is exhaustive communication.

    Professional Learning Communities

    As your PLC has data to review, send info to Alex to post for the group.

    An ongoing process in which educators work collaboratively in recurring cycles of collective inquiry to achieve better results for the students they serve.

    PLC’s operate under the assumption that the key to improving learning for students is continuous, job-embedded learning for educators.

    Four questions to guide PLC’s

    1. What do we expect students to learn?
    2. How do we know they are learning it?
    3. How do we respond when they do not learn it?
    4. How do you respond when they have already learned it?
    Roadmap Feedback

    If you have feedback on how to make this roadmap better (content, format, etc.), please give feedback.