Copopa Chronicle

November 30, 2020

Important Dates

12/17- Marco's Pizza Night

12/19- 1/3- Winter Recess

1/4- School Resumes

Marvelous Mondays & Terrific Tuesdays

11/30 & 12/1- Favorite Color Day

12/2 & 12/3- Ohio State vs Michigan- Show your Team Pride

12/7 & 12/8- Pajama Day

12/14 & 12/15- Wear your Reindeer Antlers, Santa or Elf Hats

12/16 & 12/17- Wear your Red and Green

1/4 & 1/5- Wear your Blue and White to Welcome in Winter

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Marco's Pizza Night

Once again Copopa is entering into the Marco's Pizza Night School Challenge! By entering we have the chance to win prizes ranging from free Cheezybread Coupons up to $5000 for the school and a school wide pizza party (if permitted).

There are a couple of ways to help us out!

1.Order online ANY day or time during the school year and we can earn Pizza Points.

2.Walk in or Call in orders on the designated Marco's Pizza Nights will also earn us points!

Marco's Pizza offers these School Nights and they give back a percentage of sales generated from those nights that are called in on the phone or placed in the store. They give EVEN MORE for orders placed ONLINE! All orders online will be counted in the year long Online Challenge. BE SURE to hit the fundraiser button before you order!

This works for either the Strongsville or Berea location! Be sure to enter our school name when placing your order! Our designated day is Thursday, December 17, 2020. But remember that we can earn points ANY day of the year if you order online and enter our school name and if you remember, your child's teacher's name!

Community Connection

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Thank you PTO!

The PTO was very helpful this year with helping supply the Art room with dixie cups, and plates for painting, markers and crayons! This has helped tremendously with allowing the students to have their own set of supplies!
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Counselor’s Corner from Copopa Elementary School

Hello, everyone! This month during classroom guidance, kindergarten students learned

about “A Bug and a Wish”. Sometimes, Sally, our puppet is naughty, and makes bad

choices, like grabbing toys out of Mrs. Dunn’s hands or saying mean words. When

things like that happen with our friends, we can give a “bug and a wish”. We can say “it

bugs me when you take that toy out of my hand. I wish you would ask me first!” Bugs

and wishes help us to solve our own problems without asking for help from a grown up!

Students in first grade learned about kindness. We read the book called “Nico and Lola”

about a boy and a dog he shows kindness to. The dog in the book, Lola, is a black pug.

Miss Neff, the guidance counselor at Columbia High School, was able to bring her black

pug, Stella, over for a visit! Stella is a therapy dog that hangs out with Miss Neff every

day at the high school to help kids. First graders were able to pet Stella and come up

with ideas to show kindness to everyone!

Fourth grade students read the book “Mr. Peabody’s Apples” by Madonna (yes, THAT

Madonna) and discussed using the power of our words for good, to build others up, not

tear them down. Rumors, gossip, and lies can hurt others, and we need to be mindful of

what comes out of our mouths. Our classmates said kind things about us, we wrote

them on our own “apples” to keep and read them whenever we need some


The fall has been a busy one, and even though it’s different this year, we are doing our

best to help everyone learn and have fun. Students are doing a great job wearing

masks and staying safe. Contact me anytime if you have questions about the

counseling program at Copopa or if you need assistance with your child. I can be

reached at 440-236-3773 or via email at

Stella, the therapy dog from CHS visited first grade

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