Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi, better known as Donatello

Florence Italy

Donatello was born in 1386 in Florence Italy. Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and of the province of Florence. This is also were Donatello spent most of his life. Donatello was apprenticed to Ghiberti. He learned sculpting from him, and in 1403, at the age of 17, Donatello was working for the master on the bronze reliefs of the First Doors of the Baptistery.

Types of art

Donatello was a sculptor and used terra-cotta, polychrome and gelatin silver mix.

Niccolo da Uzzano

  • Donatello created this sculptor in 1425-1430.
  • It is the oldest half-bust portrait of the Renaissance.
  • I found this interesting because it is one of the sculpture without nudity and it is of himself.
  • You might find this piece in the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Donatello's most well known patrons was Cosimo de' Medici he had Donatello sculpt the bronze David


This piece falls under the ism Humanism it reveals physical and moral individuality of Niccolo.

Some more of Donatello's famous Art

Donatello and the Renaissance

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