Math Professional Virtual Seminars

Kelly Harmon & Associates, LLC

2 Hour Virtual Seminars

Organizing Your Math Block to Incorporate Math Instruction

Learn what do to do first, last and in the middle of math class to ensure lasting learning in your Guided Math groups. Gain outstanding planning tips and ideas designed to help you maximize the impact of your math instruction and students’ learning in your Guided Math classroom.

Setting Guided Math Goals and Tracking Student Progress

Students who know what they are learning and track their own mastery make greater achievement strides. Learn how to break down math standards and expectations into discrete learning targets. Examine learning boards that help students know what they will be learning, what they are learning and make vital connections to what they have already learned.

Terrific Math Games for the Rest of the Class While you Teach Guided Math

Explore how to set up games that are perfect for centers or stations. Engage your learners in strategic thinking and deepen their foundational knowledge while you teach Guided Math groups. Walk away with management ideas and resources you can use to maximize success.

Utilize Number Talks to Practice Computational Skills & Develop Mental Math Abilities

Engage students in daily number talks that help them practice computational skills and develop mental math strategies, perfect for Guided Math. Learn how to develop standards-specific number talks that incorporate student interests and cumulative review of the math standards.

Strengthening Students' Problem Solving During Guided Math Instruction

Help your students become complex problem solvers–especially when two or more steps are involved! In this session, you’ll learn the key steps students can use from grades K-6 to more efficiently process and solve word problems during Guided Math. We will explore complex, yet doable real-world problems using eight different problem solving strategies you can incorporate in your Guided Math program.

Using Children's Literature to Engage Students in Problem Solving Abilities

Children’s books provide a perfect starting point for engaging students in authentic problem solving. In this session, explore literature matched to math standards and great ways to use manipulatives and drawing strategies during Guided Math to help students think through complex problems.

Sports Data: Excite & Engage Your Guided Math Students!

Explore ways to use your Guided Math students’ favorite sports teams to engage them in exciting computation and problem solving practice. Learn how to use team and player data to warm up your class and provide independent practice to meet your rigorous expectations. Leave with a proven plan for winning your students over, while increasing their practice opportunities and strengthening their math skills!

Math Running Record Overview

In this seminar, reviews the meaning of fluency beyond just speed and accuracy as well as how the strategies explored with basic facts can lay a foundation of number sense that will follow students through their math journeys. (1 Hour)

Math Running Records

This seminar focuses on the mathematics behind the interview protocols for addition, subtraction, and multiplication using videos with students, understanding the research behind the codes, and some suggested next steps. (2 Hour)

Math Fluency Games & Activities

Fluency games and activities with any 2 operations! Explore the strategies behind each operation as well as a plethora of games and activities that help develop number sense and the conceptual understanding of the operations themselves.

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