Mia the Marvelous

By: Eugenia Phelan and Aibileen Clark


Mia was born in Houston, Texas. She had two sisters, Melanie and Laura, and a brother, Eli. She moved all over central Texas. At the age of 9 she moved to San Antonio and went to Bulverede Creek Elementary School. Her GT teacher, Mrs. Germadnik, inspired her to make a difference in the world around her. At the age of 11, she started a charity that donates to the Animal Defense League. As a child, Mia was brilliant, making straight A's throughout her schooling. Mia also played th piano and the guitar as good as her teacher. She went on to attend Tejeda Middle School and Johnson High School. She went to the University of Texas in Austin and got a degree in literature, history, and philosophy. Mia has written 30 best selling books about philosophy so far. She has donated to charities to help homeless animals and find them good homes. Mia currently lives in Grand Lake, Colorado with her husband, Brian, her three kids, Carley, Hazel, and Bethany, and her dog, Mollie.

Mia's Dream Team

Winston Churchill

"Winston was loyal, honest courageous, and a leader. Just what I needed for my Dream Team. "He was the most powerful Prime Minister in British history. He kept his country's morale up during WWII. That's pretty incredible."

Princess Diana

Gracious, kind, charitable, and compassionate are words Mia uses to describe Lady Di. "She was the patron of over 100 charities while Princess of Wales. I knew someone who knew the value of helping others should be on my Dream Team.

Susan B. Anthony

"She was brave and righteous. Very stubborn as well," Mia commented on Susan. "She was an advocate for women's rights. She didn't sit back on her gluteus maximus and watch it all happen. She took a stand and I admire her for that."

William Shakespeare

"He was very wise. He knew the power of love and hate and what they can do to people. I also think he was very creative. Those tragedies are pretty darn good reads."


Wise and brave were the words Mia used to describe Socrates in her interview. "He was a really brave and analytical man. He died for what he believed in, and he was one of the greatest thinkers of all time."

What Do We Think About Mia?

Winston Churchill: "Very spunky wee lass, kind of looney, but good heart."

Princess Diana: "She is a very lovely person. She bright and vivacious, and has her heart in the right place."

Susan B. Anthony: "Very strong minded, brave, a young version of me."

William Shakespeare:"Not enough drama! Tragedy and Mia are polar opposites! Ugh!"

Socrates: "She is very intelligent and analytical. And don't mind William. He loves drama."

This I Believe: Animoto

This I Believe by Mia

My Mandala

Symbols And Their Meanings

The cross represents my belief in God, and the flower around it symbolizes life, fragile and beautiful. The two hands represent love, the Yin/Yang means patience, and the gavel symbolizes wisdom. The house represents cooperation, the dog means loyalty, and the lion symbolizes courage. The family represents responsibility, and the American flag means freedom. The squiggly lines indicate that love reaches out into all corners of your life.

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