In the great city of Athens, Greece there are many activities and other things to enjoy.

Meals and Treats

There are many delicious beverages and types of food. A type of food that they grow in Athens is grapes. Grapes are used to make beverages such as wine. Some delicious meals are fried calamari and grilled octopus tentacles. There are many more treats such as stuffed grape leaves and breads. A sweet treat is a yogurt which is mixed with honey. As one can see, there are many delicious beverages and types of food in Athens.

Religions and War History

There are many religions and cultures to enjoy. Two of the religions are Judaism and Orthodox Christianity. Sanctuaries are a major part of Orthodox Christianity, and has been for thousands of years. There has been many cool historical events you may find interesting such the war with Sparta or any of the other wars, and you may enjoy learning about the religions up close.


There are many fun activities and events. Many fun activities are automobile racing, shopping, hunting, fishing, and more. Some of their favorite sports are wrestling, soccer, and basketball. An entertaining event is shadow puppets plays which you can find in theaters. As I said above there are many cool activities and events.

Places to See

There are some great land marks and museums here in Athens. The Olympian Zeus Temple is a great landmark. The #1 museum out of 167 is the Acropolis Museum. The Erechetheion is the voted #1 out of 20 landmarks in Athens. If you want to see a great historical sight you should see Vyne. These are great places to go in Athens.

Main and Foreign Languages

There are some things you have to know about the languages. You should learn the language Greek, and if you don't you won't know what a lot of people are saying. The Koine language is the language of the Orthodox Church. The main foreign language is English so not a lot of people know English. Some others are ancient Greek and Manoit. If the only language you know is English you should learn language.

Temperature of the Seasons

Here are the temperature around summer, and winter.

In the summer it is 35C

In the winter it is 14C - 16C

In the fall it is 23C

In the spring it is 12C

So, if you don't like the cold go around the spring or summer, and if you don't mind the cold you could go around the fall or winter. Have a great trip!!!