Honest Tube Launch Review

Yes, really...from someone who's actually used it!

Yup! An actual user of TubeLaunch Review

The over the top sales pitch from this 'new' video marketing course had me smiling and rolling my eyes at the same time...oh, and sighing! I'm an experienced video marketer myself and have heard it all before, but bought the course to see what was all the fuss was about.

Here's a complete honest review of the Tube Launch course that was written by yours truly after taking it for a test run. I won't re-review it here, because the review above says it all, but I'll give you my instant reaction to it below.

If you're new to video marketing, it's fine...I have been using the same tactics for years, and so has many others. There are elements inside the course that you do need to know if you are either new or struggling with video marketing, so I think the $34 fee is merited.

If you're a video marketer who is making money, then there is nothing inside you will find that is either new or unique.

There are a couple of upsells inside the membership area, but you don't really need them unless you're new to the IM business. There is also a forum and the course providing 20 videos of step by step actions set into chapters.

The link above will tell you a lot more about what those upsells are and what you can expect to achieve by using Tube Launch.

Told you it was a brief review, but the main meat and potatoes are in the website above. It's an honest view from an experienced video marketer. The review site is safe without any annoying pop-ups and exit pages.

If you're thinking of getting this course...please read the review first!