Szabo, Levente-hour 4


Where is the coal found?

Coal is found deep within the earth usually under land and not water.
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This picture shows which parts of the US have a good amount of coal.

How is the coal formed?

Coal is formed when animals and plants die. After they die their remains go to the ground. Than dirt and other materials go on top of it. After many millions of years the heat and pressure turn the remains into coal.
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This picture shows the various stages the dead plants go through to get changed into coal.

How is the coal used for electricity?

Coal is turned into energy when the coal is burned to heat water, the water heats up and turns into steam. The stem turns a turbine that generates electricity.
How do you make electricity from coal - animated video
The video shows how coal is turned into electricity by giving you a tour of a coal-burning power plant.

What are some cool fact & statistics can you find?

In 2014 the US exported 97.4 million short Tons of coal. Also in 2014 about 40% of US electricity come from coal.

Innovative alternative energy form

A place in Germany is working on Co2 scrubbing. They are working on this to make Co2 scrubbing safer and cheaper.
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This is the Niederaussem power plant. Here they are working on making co2 emissions safer and making the filtering cheaper.

Levente Szabo