National Poem in Your Pocket Day

April 30th, 2015

Every April, on Poem in Your Pocket Day, people throughout the United States celebrate by selecting a poem, carrying it with them, and sharing it with others throughout the day as schools, bookstores, libraries, parks, workplaces, and other venues ring loud with open readings of poems from pockets.

One of my favorites...

So I thought I would share with you all one of my favorite poems in the whole world!

It's called "Booger Love" by Brod Bagert (taken from his book Giant Children)

Please do enjoy...

I love this little booger,

All shiny, green, and black.

You can hold it for a minute,

But I want my booger back.

It stays right where I put it,

It sure knows how to stick.

And if it gets too dry...?

It just needs a little lick.

I can hold it on my finger,

I can flick it in the air,

I can stick it underneath a desk,

Or underneath a chair.

I can make a ball and roll it

Just to see which way it goes.

I love this booger anywhere...

Except inside my nose.

If you have a favorite poem that you would like to share, please do so by replying to this announcement! Have a great poem in your pocket day!