Do You Need A Summer Babysitter?

I need to babysit this summer!

I'm Perfect!

Come on, we all know those days, you're regular babysitter can't come, you have a meeting you need to be at and you don't know who to call. (Well not me, I don't have kids) I'm the perfect person for this job! I am trustworthy and I love kids. I like taking walks to the park, playing board games, and having fun with all ages. I have basic cooking skills and I took a babysitting class in school. I am CPR certified and I know how to handle emergencies. I am fifteen years old, so I won't be able to drive anywhere, but I love having fun right at home!

How To Contact Me

I am willing to negotiate times and dates, but I'm not looking for an everyday gig. If you want to contact me email or call me.