Parent Weekly Newsletter #1

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From Leslie Patient - Site Director

Welcome, parents to our weekly newsletter! We have had an excellent start to camp and have been fortunate to have had some of the most splendid July weather I can remember in New Jersey. The sun is shining temperately and the breezes are so cool that we don't even need the air conditioning in Whitman. (But we're glad it's there, just in case our luck runs out!) Your sons and daughters are becoming acclimated well to the campus and getting to know not only their counselor groups, but all their fellow students in their many exciting classes. It was very gratifying last night to walk through the quad during evening dorm time and feel the energy of a group of young people starting to identify themselves as "SIG-Princeton". In one corner there was a student playing the guitar while others gathered around singing. There were frisbees flying and soccer balls soaring. There were groups of students sitting under the street lamps discussing "Cosmic Proportions", as well as students discussing which store they will head to first on Nassau Street Night. This diversity encompasses SIG-Princeton and we are so happy to have your children be a part of our 2014 camp. There is so much to look forward to as well: Saturday Getaway Trips, relaxing Sundays, and the beginning of more extensive projects in their classes. Please, as always be in touch with any questions, and thank you again for letting us have the chance to get to know your sons and daughters this summer.

From Joanne Deacon and Kheshana Woods - Academic Deans

Everything is fantastic in the classrooms and around campus at Princeton for the SIG 2014 session! Students are smiling, and instructors are teaching and designing effective lessons that are challenging your children. Students are posing questions, framing an opinion, and learning to support their thinking and thought process. We have been incredibly lucky to be able to interact with your children in the classrooms and throughout recreational and tutorial periods. Our students have been observed asking questions, challenging other student views, and seen working on individualizing their learning goals and outcomes for the SIG 2014 session. We have also had conversations with your students about what they are learning and what projects and assignments have been discussed, in which they are highly anticipating throughout the next two and a half weeks! Instructors have been observed using a variety of strategies and activities while posing challenges to teach our campers the necessary skills to be effective leaders and a responsible and active learner that is in control of the overall design and individualized path to seek new knowledge and extended learning and views. Students are not only building relationships with their peers in the classroom, but they are making new friends and developing important skills in and out of the classroom that are building upon important life skills while having their mind and spirit developed. We are looking forward to all of the exciting academic activities that are planned for them in the weeks ahead!

From Sean Duff - Residential Dean

"Welcome to Whitman College(AKA the Castle)" is the phrase that greeted all students that first arrived on Sunday to SIG. Students are adjusting quickly to life here on Campus as your middle and high school age kids get the full college dormitory experience. Examples include roommates, three meals a day at the dining hall (with lots of ice cream eating), new friends, and great fun experiences in the quad!

We had our first fire drill and it went super smooth with House Wagner and House Fuller winning the prize for best girls and boys houses. Safety is always our first priority for all your kids and they showed why they are all gifted by doing an awesome job.

So far, we have had an amazing residential community and things are running smooth. I know many of you miss your kids, but they are safe and having a great time.

From Wade Thomas - Student Activities Dean

The fun and excitement has been contagious the past few days as we have started to get to know one another and engage in afternoon and evening activities. Our first evening was spent in counselor groups making banners that were presented to the entire camp the following night. This activity helped everyone in the group get comfortable with each other and be creative at the same time. A new activity to SIG Princeton occurred Tuesday night with College Night. Students split up according to academic interests and were allowed to discuss and ask staff specific questions about specific colleges and disciplines.
Our first recreation hour was a hit, with basketball, soccer, yoga, and arts and crafts being some of the more popular activities. Senior privileges will start this Thursday, and students in ages 15-17 will have some more freedom and opportunities during recreation hour.
This coming weekend will be our first Saturday trip to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia along with a trip to a mall for some afternoon shopping. Our popular and competitive Brain Bowl activity will be on Friday night. Our students can flex their brain power as they compete with one another at answering challenging questions.

Important Upcoming Dates

Student Talent Show - Sunday, August 10th at 7:30 pm Location: McCosh 50

Student Academic Showcase - Thursday, August 14th at 7:30 pm Location: McCosh 50

Closing Ceremony - Friday, August 15th at 4:45 pm Location: McCosh 50

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