The Hercules Newsletter

by: Eleanor E. & Emma G.

All About Me - Hercules And The 12 Labors

Summary: Hercules' step mother Hera was so jealous that her husband made a child from another woman she then made Hercules get so full of madness he killed Megara his wife and his three children. When he woke up from the madness he found out that he had just killed his family and his step father told him to serve Eurystheus a king for twelve years. When he got there Eurystheus sent him to go kill 12 monsters because Hera forced Eurystheus to make Hercules do it, but it was all a trick to kill him because the king was really jelouse of Hercules’ strength and Hera just wanted him dead. First Hercules killed the Namean lion. Then for the second task he had to kill Lernaean hydra a monster with 9 heads. Next he had to capture Cerynean Hide which took one whole year because if he disturbed it, the goddess of the hunt, childbirth, and the moon, Artimis could get mad and distroy him but he was stll able to do it. The fourth monster he had to kill was a wild savage hog named, Erymanthian Boar. He was just barely able to capture it and bring it back to Eurystheus in some nets he made. The 5th task he had to do was to clean out Augean Stables. He had to do that in exactly one hour. The 6th and 7th task was to kill the Stymphalian Birds and to catch alive the Cretan bull. The 8th and 9th task was to capture the Mares of Diomedes the god of war but insted of capturing him he killed the god and fed the god to his trained flesh eating horses. Then he had to fetch the Girdle of Hippolyta, Queen of the amazons. The 10th labor was to bring the cattle of Geryon to Eurystheus and he was able to do it. The 11th was to kill the two headed hound and its herdsman and to fetch the Golden apples. The last labor/the 12th was to travel to the underworld and he had to face the powers of death and to bring back Cerberus, a three headed hound of Hades.

My Interview with Hercules

by: Emma G. & Eleanor E.


Eleanor: Why did you kill your family?

Hercules:Hera my father's old wife made me angry and insane.

Eleanor: How did you earn god hood?

Hercules: I preformed 12 labors of King Eurystheus of Tiryns and Mycenae.

Eleanor: What was one of those 12 labors?

Hercules: The Nemean Lion

Eleanor: What was that?

Hercules: That was one of the Labors. No one was ever able to kill it because it had

really strong skin so it wouldn't rip or get pierced with anything sharp.

Eleanor: How did you kill the Namean lion?

Hercules: I killed it by making a stone club and wacked it on its head.

Eleanor: What did you do with the body?

Hercules: I tried to cut off the skin but since the skin was so strong it broke my

knife and I had to use the lions own claw to get of all the skin and made a cloak. The funny thing about this is, that when I came out of the lion’s den everyone thought I was the lion.

Eleanor: How many wives did you have?

Hercules: I had two. I accidentally killed Megara my first wife because Hera made me go mad and insane. When I killed her I also killed my children on accident, of course. My second wife cheated on me and she fell in love with another man. My third wife Iole and I are still a happy couple.

Eleanor: Did you have any brothers or sisters?

Hercules: I had one brother named Iphicles and we were actually twins.

Eleanor: What was the hardest Labor out of the 12?

Hercules: there were two that were very difficult the first one was the longest, it was when I had to capture the Cerynean Hide. It is a doe with male deer's antlers. The crazy thing about this was that the antlers were made out of solid gold!! It took me a full year until I actually was able to capture it. The second one was when I had to go down to the underworld and capture Cerberus, the hound of Hades.

Eleanor: Can you tell us how you were able to capture the Cerynean Hide?

Hercules: Sure. I had to chase it for many months until it got tired and fell to the floor. I had to do this because if I hurt the doe in any way I would anger the goddess of hunt, childbirth, and the moon

and I would have probably get killed. I then picked it up and brought it back to Eurystheus.

Eleanor: How were you able to capture the Houd of Hades?

Hercules: I went to the underworld and asked Hades if I could take the Hound and he agreed only if I didn't use any weapons. I walked up to the huge terrifying beast and strangled it in a fierce grip and wrapped it up in my lion skin coat and again brought the beast to Eurystheus.

Eleanor: Thank You Hercules, for sharing to us about your life.

Hercules: No, thank you for having me.

Eleanor: Bye!

Hercules: Bye!

Compare- Similarities

1. Strength- Derek and Hercules are both very very strong and muscular.

2. Reputation- Derek has a good reputation of being the strongest man in the world for 2013. Hercules' was being a God and being able to capture and kill all of the 12 Labors.

3. Godness- Derek is kind off worshiped as a God because he is so strong and can lift up 8 tires from a car on a metal pole and Hercules is son of Zeus. Plus, Zeus is a very important God.

4. Good looks- Derek and Hercules are both very good looking.

5. Confidence- Derek and Hercules are very confident in what they do because Hercules wasn't afraid of the 12 Labors because if he didn't do it he might have gotten killed. Derek is confident because he picked up around 200 pounds in front of a crowd

and if he messed up he could have gotten hurt or very embarrassed.

Compare- Differences

1. Hercules is a god and Derek is a human.

2. Hercules is immortal and Derek is not.

3. Hercules is stronger than Derek and any human.

4. Derek's dad isn't a god and isn't important, Hercules' dad is very important because he is Zeus, god of the gods!

5. Hercules captured and killed 12 monsters, Derek was not forced to kill 12 monsters.