Still Love Usborne?

You can try it again!

The Gift of Books & A Business!

Hi There!

So maybe when you tried Usborne before it just was not the right time. Have you ever thought about trying it again?

Yes? Good, because we believe in second chances! Give yourself the gift of a brand new kit with an extra four weeks in your incentive period! You get to start over in the new year as a new consultant and offer all your hosts double free books and a new catalog! We have made lots of exciting changes in UBAM! This year we have had record breaking sales and growth due to the awesome improvements our home office has implemented. Some things are the same, such as awesome training, no monthly minimums, and an incredible product!

If you have interest or questions about starting back up please give me a call me at 952.303.4980 or email me at I would love to hear from you! I am offering a $25 book credit to anyone who joins in the month of December and books their new launch show for January! If you want to just order a kit you can do so online here. Happy Holidays!

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