Canadian Teen Culture

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Tom Brokaw Explains Canada To Americans
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In Canada, our heritage languages are English and French. I speak English in my house hold and in public but at school starting from grade four they teach the students French. Teens like myself use slang in our instant messaging/ text such as brb (be right back) ttyl (talk to you later) lol (laugh out loud) and much, much more.


Something i use every day is my phone. It is important to me because of how use full it is. For example I could use it to communicate with my friends and family (mainly friends). Also if I get bored I can play games or watch videos.

Customs and Traditions

One of my customs and tradition is Christmas. This is a holiday where my family and I meet up and open presents from each other and just have a fun time. Another tradition that I participate in is thanksgiving. My whole family goes to my aunts and we have a thanksgiving dinner.

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Core Values

My family believes in school and sports before friends. We believe that if you are good sports and school you will be more successful in life than people who aren’t. We believe in this so we stay out of trouble.
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