Red Haute Rubies


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The Recap!

Hi Red Haute Rubies!

July was so HAUTE! Congratulations on all that YOU accomplished last month.

We started off with DOT DOLLARS that helped many of us get numbers on the board and become qualified going into our Annual Conference, HOOPLA! A big congratulations to Jenny Gremillion, of Covington, Louisiana for being our TOP DOT DOLLAR Seller even 9 months pregnant. We sure missed you at Hoopla but were so proud of the way that you reached out to your customer base and got them to redeem those Dot Dollars that they were awarded. That takes focus and great follow up, BOTH in which you nailed!

After the excitement of DOT DOLLARS and a boatload of packing, 3,000 nationwide Stylists attended Hoopla including 30 RED HAUTE RUBIES. This was my 5th HOOPLA with Stella & Dot and I have to say it was my all time favorite for a few reasons. 1. I think Stella & Dot HAS IT DOWN! We are a well oil machine when it comes to trainings and meetings and I highly encourage you to attend next year. The conference was full of recognition, inspiration, guidance and most of all FUN! 2. The main reason I loved it so much was because of all of you and our growing team. I was SO incredibly proud to rock our RHR Trucker Hat (The envy of many let me tell you, even Jessica Herrin, our CEO wanted and got one!) Our team has made leaps and bounds this last year and have really made a name fro ourselves. We even got a big SHOUT OUT from the main stage from Jessica in front of Christy Turlington - WOW!!! We had a super fun Team Party the first night where we all got to get to know each other and put faces with names. It was so exciting to meet the stylists that I have only spoken to over the phone or know by Facebook. New friendships were made, pacing partners were established and we have really come together to create such a STRONG, POSITIVE, CONSISTENT, Team called the RED HAUTE RUBIES!


Sales in July was an understatement. This team shattered some personal and team bests. Dot Dollars helped our volume as well as ongoing engravable sales and our new line that launched mid-month. We they announced DOUBLE POINTS at Hoopla this team didn't think twice. YOU booked tight and created a sense of urgency with your customer base and started booking and selling to maximize that offer. THAT my friends, is called working SMART. A thing I am so proud that all of you are doing and improving moth after month. That is what is making this team thrive and grow. Now onto our CREME DE LA CREME for the month in SALES!
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Congratulations to our top 3 in Sales in July. A huge shout out to ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR, Cynthia Briggeman for rocking the house with $10,912 in sales. She has beat her personal best and is at over 18k in GLAM GETAWAY points. This woman knows how to work smart and maximize opportunities. A true leader and a fantastic Stylist to boot. Another outstanding job by another ROCKSTAR on her team, STAR STYLIST Marisa Schwabe who "shows up" every month and continues to create an amazing business and team. (LOVED meeting them at HOOPLA 2014. This is a team to watch SOAR!) Another one of our STELLAR SELLERS for JULY was STAR STYLIST, Heather Cooper. Heather is a FORCE and continues to amaze and impress me with her work ethic, drive, focus and determination. When Heather decides she wants something, NOTHING stands in her way. Congratulations to our Top TEN in Sales for July, AMAZING work ladies!

Cynthia Briggeman, $10,912

Lori Tahsler $8,076

Marisa Schwabe $6,512

Heather Cooper $5,267

Colleen Mavar $4,513

Ivy Nagel $4,283

Jane Reid $4,008


Andrea Franulovich $3,860

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Cynthia Briggeman, $10,912

Top in Sponsoring!

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Welcome NEW STYLISTS! These Stylists QUALIFIED the following Stylists in July!

Allison Pierson New Orleans 2

Lori Tahsler Danville 1

Cynthia Briggeman Newport Beach 1

Heather Cooper San Ramon 1

Andrea Franulovich Anacortes 1

Peigin Crowley Ovens 1

Laura Schnur Mequon 1

Danielle Massari Portland 1

Jennifer O'Leary Tracy 1

Maggie Ventura Huntington Beach 1

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Allie Pierson, rocking her RHR hat!

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Congratulations on your Promotion to LEAD STYLIST Ladies!!!

Laura Schnur

Nikki Voelkel

Reagan Roberts

Kathryn Fingar


I am so thrilled that we have a contest underway! Trust me when I say this, YOU WANT TO GO FOR IT! Whether it is Level 1 or 5, put your plan together and execute. If you need help with that sign up for a COACHING CALL with myself or your sponsor. I have gotten to go on several incentive trips including Puerto Vallarta and the Bahamas, so if the trip is your goal please join me and my hubby because come hell or high water, I AM THERE!

Check out the prizes below. April Price from Field Development is not one of the prizes but I liked this photo! :-)

GOT GLAM POINTS? These women do!!!

Cynthia Briggeman


Lori Tahsler


Marisa Schwabe


Heather Cooper


Colleen Muvar


Jane Reid


Rita Tiemer


Ivy Nagel


Tracey Rose


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Booking Tools...

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Sponsoring Tools....

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Who is selling 20 bracelets to earn the cute T shirt from Every Mother Counts?
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Earn More, with Enhancements to your Comp Plan!

We've already started our NEW first time Star and Associate Director Promotion bonuses, and we have so many exciting things to roll out over the coming months. A couple of our Comp Plan enhancements start today! Introducing...

  • Personal Commission up to 35%with three new commission raises! (effective 6/1)
  • 25% for all Stylists
  • +5% at 2,300 RS = 30% of your PRV (You already know & love!)
  • NEW +7% at 5,000 RV =32% of your PRV!
  • NEW +10% at 10,000 RV=35% of your PRV!
  • Instant Promotion Bonuses (Effective for April Promotions, moving forward)
  • Star Stylist ($500)
  • Associate Directors ($750)
  • Extra 3% New Stylist Coaching Commission*, paid out in September for all of the sales of the New Stylists you sponsor from June, July & August! (effective for earnings 6/1, paid out out in September)
The Merrymen - Feeling Hot Hot Hot
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Make it a wonderful August!!!!! XOXOXO

Thank you for your continued support, participation and love for our team and your businesses. You continue to inspire me monthly to be a better Stylist and Leader.

Much Love,