Manuel Noriega

Panama's Punisher


Manuel was born on february 11, 1934 in a Panama City barrio. He was an intelligent man, who studied at the cities top high school. In place of medical school, he attended Peru's military school of Chorrios due to financial difficulties. Fresh out of Military school he received a commission to the Panamanian National Guard. Didn't take long for him to start working for U.S. intelligence agency. He became the supreme leader of Panama when the former president was kicked out. Later in his life he was charged of laundering $3,000,000 in drug money and sentenced to seven years in prison.
Noriega Capture News Footage

Video Analysis

We chose this video to show how Noriega was viewed in his country, as a cold blooded criminal. It is amazing how he was a successful, supreme ruler when the public opinion was against him for the most part. As you can see, many other political leaders around the world feel as though Noriega deserves to be punished for his crimes. They also believe that Panama would be better off without him. Somehow, he rises through the hate in the press to become the most powerful leader Panama has ever seen.

Creative Piece (Letter to George H.W. Bush)

Dear Mr. Bush,

I write you today on the grounds of my country Panama. An independent, sovereign nation. Yes, it is true that your country once had control over us, but times have changed and I am now the supreme ruler of this nation. The issues/affairs that go on in my country do not concern you and the rest of your nation. You need to understand your place and boundaries and I will stick to mine as well. We will have problems if your intervening with my country continues.


Manuel Noriega

Creative Piece (Response to Manuel Noriega)

Dear Mr. Noriega,

I appreciate your concern of the United States intervening with your country but have a few concerns myself. You are absolutely correct in the fact that you are and independent nation but it is our responsibility to at least attempt to form good relationships with surrounding, nearby nations. Over the past few years while you have obtained a good amount of power we have noticed events occurring in Panama that may negatively effect our country, which was the cue for us to step in and see how we could better the situation for both nations. If an event arrises where the United States feels it should step in and take action, we will, and if Panama decides to take action in defense, we are prepared to stand our ground.


President Bush

Essential Question

Why do you think Manuel's Policies were so effective in Panama if the Public opinion was drastically against him due to his rebel qualities?


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