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We had a Dino-Mite time learning with dinosaurs! The children liked meeting Tony the T-Rex. We got to ask Tony questions while learning how to initiate interactions with our peers and ask them questions.
During the next few weeks we will discuss Family and Turkeys. We will expand on our knowledge of the farm to include turkeys. We will learn that not all turkeys fly. As we learn our turkey facts we will also learn about how important family is and what we are thankful/makes us happy as we touch on our upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving.

Food Pantry Donations

As we talk about family and what it is to be thankful we will discuss helping others. All the way through Tuesday, 11/25 we will be accepting non-perishable food donations to give to the Come-to-Me Food Pantry. As we receive donations the children will help sort and label the items. We appreciate your donations and in helping our children understand a little more about assisting others! Thank you!

Ms. Stephie's Speech Spot

Hello Speech Families! I hope you all had a restful and relaxing weekend. This next week and a half we will be talking about turkeys, family, food, and things that make us feel happy and thankful. Speech activities will include decorating a classroom turkey with feathers that have pictures of different objects and activities that make us feel happy or thankful, making a friendship fruit salad to share, play games that allow us to interact with our friends, take turns, and share, and complete art projects that incorporate sequencing, following directions, concepts, and vocabulary/language expansion. We will also practice correct speech sound production to enhance our communication skills across school settings. Remember the most important way to to develop, encourage, and expand speech and language is to spend time with your child. Play simple games together and share some books. Practice setting the table and cook together. Go on a scavenger hunt around the house and outside to find different items to make a turkey or other fun Fall/seasonal art project together. Play with shaving cream and playdoh for some sensory fun. Make placemats together and decorate with pictures, photos, and stickers of things or people that make you happy or thankful. Decorate a turkey with pictures that start with the letter T. Be sure to have fun and remember ANYTHING can be a language learning opportunity! Have a peaceful and relaxing Thanksgiving break and enjoy time with family and friends.
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Home Activities

As we work on a variety of skills during the next two weeks we look for further reinforcement of skills at home. This continued encouragement of concepts will increase understanding and application of those skills. Below are activities you can do at home.
  • We will review letters A-J. Encourage your child to label letters A-J in a variety of activities. A precursor to writing letters is being able to draw shapes. Encourage drawing circle, square and triangles and then focus on letter approximations. You can also find pictures of objects in magazines to have your child cut out that starts with letters A-J.
  • Don't forget to send to school your Turkey Dressing turkey that was sent home last week. We are eager to hear about what the children are thankful/makes them happy.
  • Encourage your child to draw a picture for a family member. They will enjoy sending it in the mail to a family member or giving it to them if they live nearby. you can also encourage your child tell what they like to do with that family member.
  • Don't forget to send in a non-perishable food item. You can have your child help look for one in your pantry. If you can have it start with one of our letters we are reviewing. We are excited to help others while we are learning!
  • Use the attached song "I Am Thankful" that is attached in the e-mail to sing at home. We will be singing this song at school.
  • Practice Numbers-If you want let your child call a relative using your phone and with your supervision. Have the phone number on a piece of paper and as you help your child dial have them tell you the number they are pushing. Also encourage your child to ask and tell a total of 3 things to the relative. You can talk with your child beforehand or draw a few simple pictures to remind them what they are going to talk about. The visual will be helpful to them and not only will you work on numbers but you also get to work on conversational skills.

Letters of the Week

With our shortened second week due to the Thanksgiving holiday we will be reviewing letters A-J. We will do a variety of activities to practice labeling the letters in and out of order. We will also revisit what sounds the letters make.


  • There is no school Wednesday, 11/26-11/28 due to Thanksgiving Break.

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Becky Lee- Community Classroom Teacher
Stephanie Ross-Speech Therapist
Beth Shepperd-Early Childhood Coordinator