Welcome to Africa

by Jerry alexander


Sahel is the first place to travel because of its natural beauty and pasture. The sahel is a wide open land from senegal to Ethiopia and is both Arid and Tropical. In sahel, animals such as ox, and camels, roam freely not disturbed by too much. Inside sahel there are many high trees and low grass which is perfect for many animals. There are many trees in Sahel such as baobab, and acacia. Those trees are perfect for the climate which is dry for about three quarters of the year and rains the rest with about 4 to 8 inches. Besides from trees there is shrubs but trees are found more. That is all the reasons you should travel to Sahel.

The Niger river

This is the second location you should visit in Africa is the Niger river for many reasons. The Niger river is 2,600 miles long so it's a great site to see. The Niger river goes through about 5 states including Nigeria. The Niger river finally empties into the the gulf of Guinea. The Niger river is so swampy and moist it is a great place to see. Since it is water there is a great amount of fish, so for those who like to be natural and fish will have a great time. That is the second location you should visit in Africa.

Sahara dessert

The third location you should visit is the famous, Sahara Desert.The sahara desert is the Largest desert in the World, and it's in Africa. The Sahara Desert has a great number of animals that will amaze you. The Sahara Dessert is huge from the Atlantic ocean to the Red sea. The Sahara Desert is the scariest desert ever with its harsh climate and lack of water. High winds ruin the climate all over the land. That is the third location you should visit in africa.


Last location is Madagascar. Madagascar is a beautiful location with many animals. Madagascar is a island in the indian ocean and is towards the bottom. Madagascar is a tropical area and animals like lemurs tend to dominate the land. In Madagascar there are many trees like Sahel such as the baobab which is a beautiful tree. speaking of beautiful, most of the island is pure beautiful and beachy area. If not any of the other three this should definitely be the one to visit