Romeo and Juliet

cole colledge

Who is to blame?

The feud is to blame for thier Romeo and Juliet death because tybalt was killed in the fight vs the montague. The feud was the reason Romeo death and Juliets for fighting all the time in the streets and people were getting hurt and killed like tybalt. Tybalt said to the capulets give me this fight where is Romeo,why was he at the ball last night, Romeo comes running over and says stop fighting. “(41-3-1)”. When Romeo starts running in they start sword fighting and the montague friar laurence gets killed by tybalt. “(100-3-1)”. Then after that Romeo goes and fights tybalt because he killed his friend and they start fighting in the street and then Tybalt ends up dying. Romeo and juliet were killed and always hiding because of the feud causing their death.

Romeo Juliet by Taylor swift

versus 1: And I said romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.

versus 2: you'll be the prince and ill be the princess.

versus 3: Its a love story baby all you have to do is say yes

The lyrics resemble the fight scene because they were going to get married because they were in love and they didn't care if they had to break the rules. Then when they did get married the fight scene happened and then that is why mercuric died. When he died romeo chased Tybalt down and killed Tybalt in the streets.Romeo then got in trouble with the prince when he found out that he killed Tybalt in the feud. Now Romeo and Juliet are living a dangerous life together

Tybalt fight scene

Tybalt wants to fight romeo because he was at the ball, was with Juliet then mercutio