Velkommen til norsk Texas.

Norwegian immigration into Texas

Push Factors

Norwegians came to Texas in search of freedom to practice the religion of their choice. Also to escape the strict government and to avoid poverty. They hoped for rich farmland in a place with mild winters and lower taxes.

Pull factors

They wanted rich farmland and religious freedom.


Important People

Cleng Peerson

Cleng Peerson left Norway seeking homes for his friends. Cleng helped start several Norwegian villages. In 1982 King Olav V of Norway even visited the Norse, Texas, cemetery to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Cleng Peerson's birth.

Babe Zaharias

She got her nickname, Babe, playing baseball with the boys, who thought she batted like Babe Ruth. At the 1932 Olympics, she broke three world records in track and field events. She toured with a pool exhibition, played on several different basketball teams, and even played golf.

Did you know?

Johan Reinert Reiersen is considered the "Father of Norwegian Immigration to Texas." He met Sam Houston and His journal was published in a Norwegian newspaper. By !860 there were 326

Norwegians living in Texas. Most of the Norwegian families were members of the Lutheran Church. The first Norwegian settler came in !841.



If it weren't for immigration into Texas, Texas might not even be a state. If immigration wasn't present some of us might not be here today. Also the population would be decreased.


Because of Norwegian immigration many different cultures and settlements would not be present in Texas today. Even I wouldn't be here today.