Day 6 of the SHD Countdown!

A New Year - A New Stella & Dot Business!

DAY 6 Challenge - Get Organized and Have a System!

Are you ready to get your office space and systems in order for 2013? This is VERY important for your success & what it boils down to is having a system! I promise it will make your follow up, booking, and prospecting SO MUCH EASIER!

YOUR CHALLENGE - think about a system (or lack of a system:) you have in place for your business. Post a picture of your office space (for fun) on our Facebook page and share with us what your system is and how your system helps you with follow-up, booking, sponsoring, etc.

Here are a couple suggestions to help get your business in order for 2013:

  1. Sort through your paper order forms. Paperclip together each Trunk Show and take note of any wishlist items or follow-up that needs to happen. Make sure you are removing and shredding the credit card info at the bottom.
  2. Update your WDYK (Who Do You Know) list. Did you make any notes on those order forms about "maybe" hostesses for January? What about notes on someone who would make a great stylist.
  3. Do all your orders online? Export your contacts and orders into Excel to have a record for each person in 2012.
  4. Sort through your Business Supplies - Look Books and Minis will be outdated once the new line launches in January. Start thinking about what you can do with the ones you have (hint hint...future challenge). Make a list of business supplies you will need in the new year - trunk show planners and opportunity guides will carry through. Do you need new business cards? labels for LB's?
  5. Sort through your jewels. Do you have anything in your current display that is now retired or on its way out? Pull these pieces and offer them as a booking incentive or if you have a lot think about holding a sample sale.
  6. Are any of your pieces in need of a good cleaning or possibly being refreshed? (I know my Bardot Bracelets take a beating!) Make a list of pieces that you would like to replace when we are able to refresh our samples in January.
  7. Organize your receipts! Tax time is coming. If you would like my expense tracker just shoot me an email and I will send it you way.

    You have till Midnight EST December 13th, to complete this challenge.
    A winner will be chosen at random to win a $25 Gift Card to the Container Store to help get organized in 2013!