Center for Spiritual Living


Sacred Circle Evening

Sunday, Nov. 9th, 6-8pm

Life Motivations, Chemin du Rivage, 7 - 1292 CHAMBESY

Coldrey will be leading us this week in another amazing sacred circle evening.

Join in as we share, meditate, and create our intentions for the future.

In love and peace, Beth

Thought for this week

"You are a spiritual being having a human experience." Teilhard de Chardin

We come together to remember, to remind each other of who we are and wherein lies our true power.

"At the innermost level of your being you are now whole, serene, and knowledgeable. Assume this to be true and let it be actualized." Roy Eugene Davis.

Center for Spiritual Living Switzerland

A Center for Peace dedicated to supporting individuals to change their world to one of joy, of harmony and inner peace as we unite to create a world that works for EVERYONE, a world of peace.

Summer Conference 2015 Coming Home

Planning has already begun for our 5th Annual (WOW can you believe it) Conference. We have a powerful duo, Lisa Ferraro and Erika Luckett already engaged to lead us in an amazing event. The dates are set, August 13-15th, 2015 so as you make your vacation plans for next summer, keep these dates in mind…We will have a program for our children, Pattie Mercado will be back and some new leaders for the special teen program.

We are now actively recruiting those who are willing to serve this vision and be active in the planning and execution of the Summer Conference. All of our meetings are held on Skype so that you can attend right from home or wherever your travels bring you. We are forming small committees with specific tasks so join with a few others to make a difference in the world.

Send an email to as we are now in the process of developing our onsite local team… .