Freedom Rides


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Seven African Americans and six whites 13 riders total led by CORE director James Farmer, have come together to test the supreme courts new law for banning segregation on interstate buses. The Freedom riders campaigned against other forms of racial discrimination, They were trying to show black from whites that they were equal in their own way.


When the freedom riders went to Birmingham, Alabama they suffered severe beatings. Police Commissioner, Bull Connor, together with Police sergeant Tom Cook, a KKK supporter, organized violence against the Freedom Riders. During the brutality against the freedom riders it inspired others to take cause. Outside Anniston, Alabama one of there buses were burned on Mothers Day. (May, 14, 1961). A lot of whites did not like the Freedom riders and wanted to kill anyone who was for the Freedom Riders.


The Freedom Riders accomplished for blacks and whites to have equality and ended the segregation for transportation. Now whites and blacks get to ride taxis, Planes, and buses, and trains together with no segregation. The goal of this event was to stop segregation on busses and other transportation. Segregation on busses stopped African Americans from being equal. This rose conflict and violence which led to death and punishment of the innocent.