Geometry Headlines

There's a New Teacher at the Academy! Read all about her!

Ms. Valerie Russell

Hello Students, I look forward to being your teacher. This is my first year at the Academy for Advanced Studies but not my first year of teaching. For 30 years I have taught in Cobb, Dekalb, and Atlanta Public Schools. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and moved to Charleston, South Carolina where I married and had three children. I moved to Georgia and continued my education. I graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and the University of Georgia with a Masters and Specialist Degree in Math Education. I presently attend Atlanta Technical College majoring in Carpentry and Construction. I enjoy cooking and baking and have taken many cooking classes at the Art Institute of Atlanta's continuing education program. I also enjoy sewing. I've made several historical quilts that have traveled around the country. Knowing and teaching mathematics has helped me to learn and understand why it is a universal language. As you learn this semester, open your mind to explore new ideas. You can do anything you put your mind to. Geometry is not only exciting but relevant to everyday life.


I enjoy tessellating to create floor designs. I created a mirror image of the floor design on the wall.

I was in a circular mood.

I can be so creative with meals and so can you. Everything has a shape. Use those shapes to design amazing colorful meals. With the right cooking tools, you will create a masterpiece.

Students can express their feelings using mathematical terms.

From a square…….

By Madison Jasv

Right Angles seem to frame my life

At 90% degrees and perpendicular lines

Yet my equation was never understood

Just a midpoint on an imaginary line

Left blank hoping for another to find

There our steps travel parallel

But yours reflects a shadow that never fails

It keeps me suspended in inequalities

Isolated in the zeros you trace

Giving me nothing that ought to be

Leaving me treated as an empty set

Another geometric shape to always forget

Why don’t you slice across on the diagonal line

Two triangles your needing to find

Already bisected to the interior

Left me a Fraction more than inferior

With Angles that trap me in a world of 360

A place where your eyes can see right through me

It’s there I stand alone on my vertices

To prove I am more than congruency

But to hear your hypothesis

Breaks me down to my intercepts

And I shrink on the plane

In the silence of my forgotten name

The lonely perfect square

Yet dependant upon your care

Quilting Project

Students put their geometry knowledge to the test. Parallel and perpendicular lines, patterns, circles, and other geometric terms were discussed. Some of the tools used were grid paper, straight edge, t-square, compass, protractor, and rotary cutters. Each group had a budget and purchased their own cotton fabric.