Balto and the Iditarod

Katie, Elizabeth,Kevin

Facts About Balto

1.balto was a member of a team, racing to get medicine to Nome.

2.Gunnar was Balto musher.

3.balto was the lead dog on the last team.

4.balto was famous

facts about the iditarod

1.the Iditarod is 1,000 mile from Anchorageto Nome.

2.Musher must check-in each check point.

3.huskies are the most common race dog in the Iditarod.

4.teams must start with 16 dogs and finish with 12 dogs


Dallas is 26.

Dallas was the youngest musher.

Dallas won the iditarod

Jason Mackey

1.Jason Mackey was 41

2.He was born in Alaska

3. He was raised in mat valley

Christianin Turner

1.christainin turner is 25

2.He was born in dorrigo Australia

3.He began mushing in 2008

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