Louise Erdrich

June 7th 1954 - Present day (so far)

Personel Life

Erdich Was born on June 7th 1954 and is part Ojubwe ( a native american clan).

Erdrich married Michael Dorris in 1981.

They had 3 adopted kids and 3 biological kids before they went separate ways in 1995. In 1997 Dorris committed suicide.

Louise Erdrich lives in Minnesota today and has been there toooo.

Louise has a sister named Heidi who is a poet and also lives in Minnesota.

Louise has another sister named Lise who writes kid books and collections with essays. The three sisters host an annual writers workshop every year in Minnesota.

Writing And Stuff

When she was littler her daddy would pay her a nickel for every time she would write a story.

In 1979 she wrote "The Worlds Greatest Fisherman" which was a short story about an Ojubwe woman who died by hypothermia who brings her relatives to a reservation for a funeral.

THat story won her the Nelson Algren Short Fiction Prize that became the first chapter of another novel called "Love Medicine" in 1984.

Her Writing is more based off of the past and events in the past that have lessons in the end, narrative, captures dialect very well, and is based of of native tradition.

When She Was Young

Erdrich was born in a small town of Little Falls Minnesota

Erdrich attended Dart Mouth College in 1972 to 1976 and earned a B.A. in English.

She met her future husband named Michael Dorris.

Erdrich earned Master of the Arts thing in Creative writing at JOhns Hopkins University in 1979.

Louise Erdich has returned to Dart Mouth in 2009 to receive an honorary doctorate letter and to delivered the commence address.

Some Pretty Legit Awards

  • O. Henry Award on the short story of Fluer.
  • Pushcart Prize award for poetry on 1983
  • Western Literacy Association Award
  • Guggenheim Fellowship award in 1985
  • National books critics Award of fiction because of love Medicine 1984
  • World of fantasy award in 1999
  • Lifetime achievement AWard from the Native writers circle of the americans in 2000
  • Associate Poet Laureate of North Dakota, 2005