Peregrine Falcon are endangered

How can we stop them from being extinct?

Peregrine Falcon facts

Peregrines can reach speeds close to 320 km/h in a downward dive. They use their speed and agility to catch birds in mid-air. Their prey range in size from sparrows to large waterfowl such as ducks.

Peregrine Falcons look like slim birds with a small head and long, thin, pointed wings. Similar in size to crows.The Falcon is endangered throughout Canada.Twenty years ago there were no breeding pairs in southern Alberta. Now there are 30 pairs across the province.

What is making the endangered?

The use of pesticides has caused a worldwide decline of peregrine falcons. Pesticide use is closely regulated in Canada and the U.S. but not in Latin America where peregrines stay for the winter.

Peregrine falcon

What we can do to stop the decline of Peregrine falcons

Stop Peregrine Falcon deline

  • No more industrial pesticides used on Peregrine Falcons
  • more breeding shelters
  • National park protecting Peregrine Falcons