ENHS Staff Notes

October 18, 2015

East Noble Schools - Good Things Are Happening

JA Fall Bowl-A-Thon Fundraiser

Junior Achievement is a non-profit volunteer organization that brings work readiness skills and information to students with the purpose of inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit in the next generation. ENSC has a great working relationship, and volunteers come into our classrooms on a regular basis.

Thank you to Mr. Hoagland for organizing a team to represent ENHS. In order to financially support the team, and ultimately JA, we will have the following fundraising opportunity:


For a $5.00 donation - Jeans & Tennis Shoes on Friday, Nov 6th.

For a $10.00 donation - Jeans & Tennis Shoes on Thursday & Friday, Nov 5th & 6th.

For a $20.00 donation - Jeans & Tennis Shoes ALL WEEK Monday - Friday, Nov 2nd - 6th.

Give your donations to Marilyn.


Construction has ended and we can now return to some of our spots in the south parking lot. We have lost about 20 spots permanently in the back lot. However, now that the construction equipment is gone we gain some spots that we lost last spring. If you were one of the folks moved out to the front who would like to return to the back, check with Marilyn. She will maintain the master list. If you would like to remain assigned in the front southwest corner (by the YMCA), let Marilyn know that too and she'll get you written into the master list. If you'd like to see what's available...check with Marilyn.

Tours Available

If any of you are interested in a manufacturing tour for your class, or if you'd like to request the assistance of a guest speaker for a class project, let me know and I'll help coordinate with Noble County Economic Development Committee.

Greetings from the APC!

-A huge thank you for making our first week back from Fall Break a good one!

-I’ve had some of you discuss the safety presentation from Monday collaboration. It is an unfortunate reality that we need to discuss these things with our staff members. Remember the gist of the meeting: We are looking to empower you, who are the experts in your kids and your location. Make decisions that are best for the situation. Also don’t ever forget the absolute best prevention is something we already have: Teachers and staff who have great, trusting relationships with our students.


Weekly Duty

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**If you have morning cafeteria duty, please remember to ask students to clean up their breakfast trash and not leave it on the tables.

Round Table Cafe Menu - Friday October 23rd


Corn bread muffins

Strawberry pretzel dessert

For reservations: suwhite@eastnoble.net

Upcoming Events

10/19 Mon - Staff Collaboration - Becca Lamon: Room 612

10/21 Wed - Pathway Leaders Meeting: Room 606 - 7:00am

Department Chair Meeting: War Room - 3:15pm

10/22 Thu - ENSC PD - New Teachers/Mentors: ENCO - 3:30pm