Bowie Choir Update

January 15, 2015



Panathenaea - An Explanation

In Ancient Greece, the Panathenaea has been described as Athens' most important festival, showing a display of the city's strength and superiority, and acting as a symbol of the city's unity by virtue of the participation of the whole Athenian population.

The Bowie Choral Department is choosing the setting of this Grecian festival to serve as the cornerstone of our first annual dinner and entertainment banquet. We want to show our musical strength, and our unity as a choir family.

The Panathenaea will serve each year as a major fundraiser for the choir department, helping to defray the costs of uniform repair, music purchases, festival entrance fees, trip subsidies, and other needs of the department. The event will utilize each student to help decorate, prepare food, sell tickets, serve dinner, perform, and clean up. This is a major undertaking that will need everyone to succeed.

Tickets for Panathenaea will go on sale next week. Each student that is participating on the day of the event in any capacity is asked to purchase a ticket for themselves. This will reserve them a meal and give them the use of a Greek tunic for the evening that they will be able to accessorize to their liking (belts, arm bands, head attire, etc.). Additionally, we will be asking each student to sell a minimum of 5 tickets. Tickets will cost $10.00 each, with children 5 and under able to get in for free with a paying adult. NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR.

Panathenaea will be held on Friday, February 6, from 6:00-9:00 PM.

The cost of the $10 ticket includes a come-and-go, restaurant style meal, served by our servitoroi (wait staff), and mousike (music) by our tragoudistes (singers). The evening meal will consist of:

  • Horiatiki Salata (Greek Salad)
  • Lemoni Kotopoulo with pasta (Lemon Chicken with Angel hair pasta)
  • Fasolakia me amygdala (Green beans with toasted almonds)
  • Sokolata Keik (Chocolate Torte)
  • Lemoni Keik (Lemon Cake)
  • Kafes, Tsai, Nero (Coffee, Tea, Water)

Panathenaea Auditions

Auditions for our first annual dinner/entertainment extravaganza - PANATHENAEA - will be held Thursday, January 22 and Friday, January 23, from 3:00-5:00 PM in the choir room.

We are looking for 20-25 amazing musical acts from every class in the choral department to feature for this major fundraiser. Please sign up in the choir room! Have your audition piece fully prepared!

You are responsible for providing all instrumental music - meaning if it's live instruments, you have your musicians with you; if it is a karaoke track, you have the mp3 downloaded and ready to play, or you have it burned on to a CD.

Panathenaea Needs List

Panathenaea is designed to be an annual fundraising event for the Bowie Choral Department. In order for us to prepare, decorate, and dress properly within our budget, we desperately need your help! If you have any of the following items that you can donate to the organization, please send them with your student or bring them by the school by Friday, January 23.

  • Fake Foliage (ivy, ferns, etc.) for table and wall decor
  • Greek-style Planters and/or Urns.
  • Bed sheets and/or fabric for making tunics (cream and white colors)


UIL Solo/Ensemble Competition

We have 29 students participating in Solo/Ensemble competition on Saturday, February 7. If you are one of these students, you should already have your sheet music. It is your responsibility to learn your music - accompaniment tracks are located at the Bowie Choir website HERE. Mr. Lobaugh and Mrs. Batsel will be scheduling a time to work with you during the school day. You will have the opportunity to sing with your accompanist at our S&E Recital on February 3, from 3-5 PM. You will need to have your $30 accompaniment fee at that time or Mrs. Reece will not play for you.


More information will come as we get closer, but students and parents please mark your calendars for our Pre-UIL performances, Monday March 23. Performances will be staggered throughout the evening, and each choir will be required to sing for one hour.


UIL will be April 21-23, with times TBA. All dresses and tuxes must be properly hemmed correctly, and black, closed-toed dress shoes must be worn. YOU WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN UIL IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR UNIFORM PROPERLY PREPARED. Also, there are many students that have not turned in their medical authorization forms. You are not allowed to get on the bus without this form on file in the choir office.



please Please PLEASE go to and double check that you're personal information is correct. We have many events coming up this semester, and our main source of contact with you is via email that we get from Charms. Below is a refresher on how to access Charms. This is also located on the Bowie Choir website HERE.

To access CHARMS, go to:

  2. Enter
  3. Parents/Students/Members
  4. Your school code is: jbowiehschoir
  5. Student Area Password: your student’s school ID #
  6. Once you have entered the site, please click on “Personal Info” and update any information. You can also stay updated on many other important informational items such as volunteers, contacting teachers, fees and fines, assigned music, and uniform assignments.


Remind (formerly Remind101) is a text and app based service that allows teachers to send out immediate reminders and updates via text message or the Remind app. The choir department has one main Remind account for sending out information to the entire choir department. For example: this past week, we were scheduled to have the choir yearbook pictures taken. I sent this information out on the day before and day of pictures, asking all students to bring their dresses or tuxes. I promise not to "spam" this account (I don't have time to send out texts that aren't useful!)

This is the account that every choir member and parent should be a part of. Please follow the directions below to sign up for Remind if you have not already. Note: if you are in Chorale, Volunteer Voices, or are a Choir Officer, you should check with Mr. Lobaugh for directions on how to sign up for a second Remind service.

To receive messages via text, text @bowiech to 817-310-8279. See Google doc link below for an example.