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Vol 1 | 23/01/2013

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Highlights of this issue:

  • New Verify My Medicine Website!
  • psVerify™ Reflex Launch
  • Department Updates
  • Team Photos!
  • and more...



We've done it! We've passed the 400 million mark. As of January 13, our total codes are: 410,479,715 (thanks for the info, Samit)!

psVerify Reflex is here!

PharmaSecure has a new child! The name: psVerify Reflex! Nitin has provided the details:

Recently, we launched psVerify™ Reflex. This new platform was developed in house by PharmaSecure, and it enables PharmaSecure to have a scalable, intelligent, robust, flexible and parametric system that provides customized responses to users interacting with PharmaSecure’s system in an automated, intelligent way. Admin users utilizing psVerify™ Reflex will be able to create, edit, and delete Business Rules. After a Business Rule executes, psVerify™ Reflex is able to produce output that can take the form of any of the below options:

  • An absence of any response to users
  • Respond to users with a pre-defined message created by an admin user, via SMS, web, mobile app, or outbound caller

Some of features of the system are:

  1. The reflex sends a customized response based on end-user’s input.
  2. All the user’s input are traceable; this will help to organize and understand market and user trends and their inclination.
  3. Reflex has capabilities to discard junk requests.
  4. Reflex can detect the origin of a mobile number by looking up the first five digits of the number and identify the telecom circle.
  5. It detects how many times a user has made a valid authentication in a given day.
  6. It detects how many valid authentications have been made from a mobile number.
  7. It gives an alert if an expired or over verified authentication has occurred.
  8. Reflex enables users to connect with PharmaSecure call centers based on user’s input (e.g., HELP)

Congratulations everybody on this fantastic accomplishment! is Lookin' Fresh!

The Verify My Medicine received a fresh new look this week. The new design is more user-friendly and straightforward, allowing users to quickly connect with health information such as our coded medicine list and information on psConnect services. Check it out! Congratulations to everyone who worked hard on this!

Department Updates

➲ Sales

Wow! A lot of things are going on with the sales front. We have some great opportunities on the horizon--here's the scoop from Neetu:

1. We have procured an order for 1 more DGFT Secondary Coding solution from Nirma Limited, India.

2. We are expecting to close an order with a top five company in India.

This manufacturer creates a large range of pharmaceuticals as well as diagnostics, herbal products, skin care products and other OTC products and PharmaSecure's opportunity with this company will be to provide unit coding and SMS authentication services on approximately 600,000 blister packs per month (7.2 Mn codes annually) for four brands.

3. Our discussions for the psConnect™ myDoc card product has reached advanced stages with one of the top ten pharma companies in India who manufactures/markets a wide range of pharmaceuticals domestically and abroad. If this partnership is locked, PharmaSecure will have our first client for myDoc offering and we would be able to create an image as an integrated healthcare company that can provide serialization services as well as deliver niche healthcare services in the Indian market.

4. As per Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), India's Public Notice No.10 (RE-2012/2009-2014) dated 11.07.2012, barcoding requirements on secondary packaging level of exported pharmaceutical products remain effective from 01.01.2013. In light of this, PharmaSecure's sales efforts with Pharma exporters, particularly in North India, have been accelerated. To date, three clients from West India and five clients from North India had asked us techno-commercial proposals for DGFT compliant secondary bar-coding We have successfully made proposals to five clients and three more DGFT proposals are on the way.

➲ Tech

Recently, we've moved forward with developments at plants as well as in-house. Some updates from Belal:

1. Wockhardt has started a commercial run for secondary packaging from Jan 1st on most of its plant.

2. Unichem has started deployment of software for secondary packaging in its plants. Unichem's Ghaziabad plant has already gotten the software installed and Baddi is next.

3. The second version of psID Imprint has improved from single-track to multi-track functionality!

And from Samit:

1. RPG psID Label dispatched for month of Jan 2013 as the starting point for psConnect™.

➲ Product

Garrett has taken the time to provide us with a good snapshot of what he's been working on these past few weeks! He writes:

Since returning from the United States, my contributions to the product team have been mostly focused on finishing the daunting task of compiling, standardizing, and analyzing the four months of caller data that we gathered from the end of August to the end of December.

I have also begun an examination and redesign of the process by which PharmaSecure keeps track of the products we code. A meeting was held on Tuesday Jan 15th with representatives from IT Ops, Development, Product, and Marketing, who all gave great inputs--a follow up meeting with sales is required to move the process forward.

Another area I am working on is continuing to support the development of psVerify™ Insight. We are encountering a potential barrier in the lack of a product that can track the location of a user from their SMS. A telecom provider we work closely with said that they had such a product, but it is not yet commercially available, and it is unclear as to when it will be commercially available.

Next week I will be focusing on looking at psVerify™ Reflex, seeing if it has been functioning as expected, and looking at the current set of rules.

A last exciting marketing initiative I've been involved with is a Facebook campaign where we take pictures of medicines we code, and promote the fact that people can use free medical services after authenticating them. The direct pictures and calls to action should be effective in driving authentications and adoption of psConnect™ services.

➲ Marketing

The marketing team has been busy with exciting developments as well!

  • We have been invited to speak next Monday at 11am at Shri Ram College of Commerce Post Graduate Program in Global Business Operations. This is an exciting opportunity for us gain company visibility and engage future business leaders.
  • Alok has secured 18 doctors who will be featured on Verify My Medicine and vouching our services. We are hoping to secure more who are willing to share and endorse all we have to offer!
  • Jonathan has been looking into possibilities for growing a social engagement platform that allows us to see interactions across all social media platforms and then interact with enthusiasts to strengthen company awareness and loyalty. He had a call last Wednesday with NationBuilder, and is in follow-up discussions with them to see if this platform would be a good route for us.
  • We have signed a contract to begin the search engine optimization (SEO) process for us. This will give us enhanced results on Google searches, so we appear at the "top" of the list for specific queries. Doing so will drive more traffic to our services.
  • Jonathan finished our application for the Sankalp Forum awards. We are hoping to win the award in the "Health, Water and Sanitation" category.
  • Jonathan has been successful in expanding Facebook reach in the last week. During the period of 12/1/13-19/1-13, the Verify My Medicine page has seen a reach increase of 350% to 1,797 people and the rate of "people talking about us," according to Facebook has increased 325% to 102 people. The key has been posting fun content with good information about PharmaSecure that people will find fun and interesting and feel compelled to "share" on their Timelines.

Good Times!

We got to have a little fun together in the past few weeks as well! Here are some highlights from the PharmaSecure lunch and Christmas:
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