My Dream Room

By: Katharine Day

Theme color

my theme colors will be red ,grey ,and white because it will have a good rhythm affect on the room and it will look classical. These colors go together mostly by proportion. There cant be to much Red, grey or white but there also has to be enough proportion of those colors.


the room will have to get a good proportion on the bed ,carpet ,chairs and lamp so it will all go together for the size of the room.

objects in the room

I will have a light red curtain so the sun can still brighten the room

this room will also have a good proportion of light. It will not be to bright and it will not be to dark. The curtains will help adjust the brightness of the room.



this room will have a theme color and a theme shape. Like the bed is Red and is in the shape of a square. Also the chairs will be in the shape of a circle and the color of white.

Big image
Big image

Last but not least the window 150.76

I have 71.54 dollars left