The Possibilities of Cloning

By: Nick Ferrandino and Kevin Kilinskas

What is Cloning?

Cloning is to make an identical copy of an organism.

How is it Being used currently?

Cloning is currently being used to clone animals right know. The first mammal ever cloned was a sheep named dolly in 1996 in Scotland

Advantages of Cloning

Some advantages of cloning are scientific research and even humans may be able to be cloned soon. Another advantage is that that animals can be cloned and then killed for food if we ever have a time where animals are scarce

Disadvantages of Cloning

One major disadvantage of cloning is that the cloned organism can have many problems. A perfect example of this would be Dolly the sheep because since they used a six year old sheep's DNA Dolly got arthritis because it was technically older than what it really was.

How does it Affect Organisms Physically

Cloning can affect an organism physically because it may cause genetic disorders which affects their physical appearance. Cloning will make an identical copy of the organism that they clone.

What's it's Economic Affect?

Cloning is a very expensive process. Experts predict that to create a human clone it would take around 250,000 dollars. That's the cost of one attempt, and cloning is known to have a low success rate. So potentially it could take over a million dollars to create one human clone. So economically cloning would cost a lot of money and recourses.

How Does it Affect the Environment

Cloning could have a huge impact on the environment. The reason why is because if a certain crop or plant is cloned, and that plant is susceptible to a disease. Than all of the clones of the certain crop will die. This could cause whole fields dying which would lead to food shortages. Though cloning plants could allow for more crops being produced and sold through out the world.

How Does it Affect the World in a Social Aspect?

Cloning could affect how people look at having children and living life because people would know that they could just be cloned. Also it would increase the already huge population and put more and more stress on the world's natural resources. Not only will the population increase but there will be less diversity between people.

How Will it Affect our Future.

Cloning could potentially change our world entirely. With cloning's ability to create more plants and crops it could lessen the stress on the world's natural resources. Yet cloning could cause less diversity between people and animals alike. Overall cloning will cost lots of money and cloning could put strain on an economy to make more money which could have bad effects.
Can You Clone Yourself?