Is it safe??

Think again...

Our loved fast food restaurant has been praised and given joy for many years now. People constantly go there for a quick bite and it just seems so perfect and delicious. What people don't realize is what it can do to you easily in the future if you are not careful.

When we consume the food from McDonalds, we are taking in so many calories and fat and it can cause major obesity. The obesity rate would go down shockingly if we didn't have a McDonald's in site for people to run to and over eat at. McDonald's is not the place to go to for food, especially when you can eat so much healthier and better food that is good for our bodies and wont have negative long-term effects on us.

Not just obesity is an issue when it comes to eating McDonalds. The food that you eat there can cause your arteries to be clogged from over eating fat substances inside of the foods. This can cause serious strokes and heart attacks and have a bad effect on your body for the rest of your life. Why risk your life over a meal, especially when you can go somewhere that has just as good of food, but it is much better for you.

We have let the FDA approve this hazardous food for far too long and it ruins lives and makes everything more difficult because it prevents people from eating at much healthier places. Why should we let them continue to approve of this heart attack on a bun. Lets take a stand for our country!

Take a look at these... Lets stop this now!


Spread this information around, make copies of this, make your own! Lets just stop all of this and create a new, more healthy living environment!

Get involved!